How to Create an Instagram Bot without Code


Create an Instagram Bot without Code

With more than 1 billion active users per month, Instagram (IG) is one of the biggest social media platforms available today. Experts predict that the platform will increase its user base by 10 million users within the next two years and invest heavily in eCommerce features such as IG Shops and creator enablement to keep its lead in social media.

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Since IG users are on average spending 53 minutes per day using the platform, It’s not a surprise that marketers are keen to use the platform to increase sales and gain Instagram growth.

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However, providing the best customer service can be a problem: manually responding to thousands or hundreds of direct Instagram messages isn’t feasible for most companies. (Note that this won’t be a problem for businesses selling on Facebook since Facebook Messenger allows you to automate and expand marketing using Messenger marketing.)

What’s a business to do if they wish to take on Messenger Marketing on Instagram? Sign up for! Facebook has now allowed specific platforms such as to provide Messenger Marketing features on IG. We’re currently working on releasing the feature and will have more information to announce soon.


Are Instagram bots legal?

The Instagram Bot is legal as long as they adhere to Instagram’s Instagram Platform Policy. Particular kinds that are IG bots (like following bots and comment and like bots) violate Instagram’s rules and are subject to being shut down as they cause fake Instagram followers and fake likes, and occasional bot activity.

However, IG bots are legal in every way. Our relationship with Facebook has enabled us to develop fully legal Instagram bots that can be used to promote your campaigns. is an automated tool that allows you to meet real people, build real followers or IG growth of followers and create significant Instagram connections. There’s nothing fake about it.


How can you create Instagram bots work for you?

As with Messenger Marketing, Instagram bots can facilitate business-to-customer interactions with Instagram followers by automating the conversation and other business processes. The aim is to respond to customers’ questions, increase your followers and increase sales using Instagram’s Messenger feature. All in the background and on autopilot. This is how you can benefit from IG’s chatbot features for IG follower growth after the feature goes live.


Make marketing announcements via Instagram Messenger

Instagram can be a fantastic platform for marketing digitally and followers’ growth when combined with other tools for social automation. Add Instagram chatbots together with the automation tool, and you’ll have an ideal solution to boost the visibility of your company’s brand and increase conversion.


Instagram Automation example

You can set up the default welcome Instagram messages using direct message automation to create an impressive first impression. Giving a thoughtful welcome message ensures that you make a positive impression regardless of when the customer, or Instagram follower, sends you messages. You could even add one or more emojis in an engaging, bright greeting message.

Make sure you create specific messages that communicate discounts and offers to customers. You could also “train” your Instagram chatbot to offer customer service by having it adhere to an established conversation pattern.


Bots can be used to respond to repeated customer inquiries

Automated direct messages are a great way to respond to customers who are interested in the case of a growing company. In the case of a large volume you receive, it will be nearly impossible for your staff to respond to every inquiry. Using a script that your chatbot will follow to answer customer questions will help you avoid having to address the same query fifty times.


Run Instagram Ads that direct customers to Instagram Messenger

Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger Inbox ads send users to the Messenger conversation with your company after clicking to open the message. Utilize Facebook’s tools for growth to identify prospective customers. Then, you can transform Instagram messages into large-scale direct messages to new customers through the chatbots integrated into IG.


Instagram Story example of an ad

The most common way to use Messenger Marketing can be to design Facebook and Instagram Ads that, when clicked, will open the Messenger conversation. On Instagram, you can create IG ads, such as Stories or posts, which initiate a conversation between your chatbot’s customers and you.

Make sales happen through the automation of a promotion or coupon giveaway by using the help of an IG automation bot.

Merchants and marketers can market their products and increase sales at an accelerated rate by automatizing the delivery of coupons or by sending customers to a particular site, such as a website.


Sales automation on Instagram

Brands can utilize IG Stories or directly ask customers to text them with a specific keyword. Then, your chatbot will notify them of the coupon and additional information about your product.


How do I create an Instagram bot (once it is available)?

Before you can begin building the bot you want to create an Instagram automation bot, you’ll require a few items:


  • The Facebook Business Page where you are the administrator
  • An IG Business account
  • An account with a Pro account
  • To build an Instagram bot, Follow these steps.
  1. Join your business Facebook page to
  1. After you have connected, Once connected, you can click Settings in your dashboard.
  2. Under Channels, select IG.
  3. Select the Add Instagram Account button.


Important: Your Facebook Business Page and your Instagram Business Account have to be linked for you to be able to use the Instagram channel. channel.

Connecting Instagram to

  1. After you’ve created your IG account, you’ll be able to see the following screen when the account is now ready to start building an Instagram bot.

You can now take advantage of the fantastic Instagram marketing features to help the growth of your followers, including:


  • Chat live with a person in real-time via Instagram
  • Instagram Story mentions assisting in acquiring new contacts
  • Conversation automation features include keyword triggers as well as default replies
  • Conversation beginnings
  • Instagram ads to generate leads and campaigns to increase brand awareness
  • Fast customer support
  • And much more to more to

Based on our research, companies who set up IG bots that send default responses, send Conversation Starters, and reply to specific keywords have the highest engagement and deliver the highest marketing results.