How to Get an Internship? 12 Ways to Stand Out

how to get an internship
How to Get an Internship? 12 Ways to Stand Out

How To Find An Internship? 

Getting an internship is not rocket science. You just need to fuel up with the ignition of passion and perseverance of a lion’s heart.

Just kidding (about the lion thingy), it is an easy process, don’t worry we are going to guide you, from how to get an internship to the 12 amazing ways which can help you stand out among the crowd of aspirers.


Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not only for experienced professionals, a student can also build his profile. There are tons of companies that are always looking for young blood for several junior or training level positions. If you don’t fit in that tangent, then asking such organizations for internships won’t harm anyone, as being straightforward is the best policy in today’s time.

Use search engine

Plain-simple-old search engines like Google and Bing are always a safe bet when you are on a hunting spree. By putting simple keywords and filtering the result of the website, you can achieve your target at no cost.

Browse local newspaper

Get hold of your local newspaper and indulge in the newsprint, along with tons of jobs, there are many internship advertisements too. You can get easily some gigs according to your qualification. And, plus considering the technological advancement that is happening in the world. The young adults are going far away from print media and it will be a perfect opportunity for you as the audience is low and you can get hold of any internship easily.

Job fairs 

Job fairs are still one of the most hot-selling events for aspiring students and job seekers. As many hiring managers and recruiters attend such events. So always keep a printed version of your resume in your hand, who might know you land up a job there?


Networking works like the mouth of word advertising technique. Wouldn’t it be nice if you get an internship because someone close to you recommended you in his company. So keep in touch with friends and mentors, and keep telling them how much you need a placement.

Helping hand 


Now come back to the twelve ways that can help you stand out.

Do your task

Always complete your assigned task, don’t be a picky eater in this spectrum. You are there to learn and make improvements. If you crib a lot and be choosy, this will make a bad impact on your personality.

 Make contacts

Don’t just go office and work like a robot! Interact with people around you. The more you mingle with them, the more chances you get to absorb exposure and learn from your colleagues.

Ask questions 

Asking questions will going to make you look involved. This will work to your benefit, the more you questions and want to understand, the more your peers will notice how eager a learner you are.

Be polite

Courtesy will make you go a long way ahead. Being polite doesn’t mean you are weak or get scared, it shows how respectful you are.

Pay attention to minute details

If you are doing an internship in the writing department, then focus on the fonts, the size of the fonts, and even the formatting you use, like alignment and other things. Things like this work best in your interest and make you preeminent in the eyes of your heads. For example; Assignment help London caters to every specific need of the pupils.

Do your research

Before your 1st day as an intern, learn about the company, its vision, and goals. The way they work and what target they have in mind. It is also advisable to revise your internship goals and job description to get a clear idea, of what your purpose is?

Be enthusiastic

On a lighter note! Be pumped up, after all this is your 1st step in the corporate world. You need to show how excited you are.

Treat it like a job

If you want your superior to take your work seriously, then you should treat your internship like a real job. Show how much you can get on the table when you are there. Read more


Feedback is the significant key

As an intern, you should ask for feedback from your team lead or your seniors. As this will make an impact you are eager to learn and find solutions to any problem is there.

Time management

One of the most important elements in order to get a good recommendation and experience letter from the organization. It’s better to be early than to be late, arriving five minutes early and leaving the office five minutes late, will keep you in good books. For instance; you cannot tell your friend to write my essay, you have to make time for that by balancing work and studies.

Dress to impress

The company knows you are young and inexperienced. But, this doesn’t mean you should wear ragged denim and a crop-top in the office. Follow the dress code religiously, and be well-trimmed.

Break time 

During the break, time doesn’t use Snap Chat to grow your snap score. Instead, gel with fellow interns and interact with people around you (remember networking?).

Personal goals

Set your targets and goals in the directive system. In this manner, your intention and ambition will be Iwell put throughout.


To sum up

An internship is an important phase in every student’s life. It is a tenure where you have an abundance of opportunities. Where mentors are there to teach you and groom you for the corporate world, which you will be going to face when you step out after getting your degree.

Moreover, if you follow these pointers given by us, then I am sure you will have a tremendous time and a befitting journey ahead. As a pupil, why this is the most significant time to absorb all possible information and knowledge which is coming your way, with an open arm.

Also, don’t force yourself just be calm and do your best, success will surely going to find its way.