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How to Increase House’s Curb Appeal with Exterior Home Renovation Toronto Project

Want to make a good impression on your guests? Then you have to put some effort into giving the new look to your home from inside and outside as well. Not only a clean bathroom or well-maintained bedroom will make your home beautiful, but a well-organized outside of your home will also make a great impression.

However, renovating your house’s exterior is an excellent investment and will help you sell your in the best amount in the future. So that is why an exterior house renovation project is an excellent idea. Here in this article, you are about to know some exterior home renovation Toronto tips to maximize the curb appeal of your house.

1. Add greenery

If your outdoor is like a worthless waste, you can put some plants to make the place more inviting. Outside plants will make a great impression on your house.

However, your guests will feel pleasant and fresh while walking through the plants into your house.

Moreover, you can also give a fresh start to your day while walking through the plants to work.

So start filling up your house exterior with some big plants and evergreen bushes like boxwood, Hicks Yew, and juniper to give a new look to your home.

2. Pressure washing

The outside surface of your house gets covered with pests, mold, and mildew. However, most of the homeowners often overlook these things on the exterior surface.

But you need to understand that pests, mold, and mildew will negatively affect your house impression. So you can paint the outside surface to eliminate the algae problems.

But if you do not want to paint your outside surface, you can use a pressure washer to cleanse these issues. However, cleaning includes cleaning up walkways, decks, and patios.

So start using the pressure washer to cleaning out the dirt and refresh your home.

3. Color the front door

The front door of your home is the main component of your exterior home renovation Toronto project that can increase your house curb appeal. However, it is the first thing that your guests will attract.

So if you want to make a good impression in front of guests, add some bold and attractive colors to your front door.

If you decide to sell your house, a colorful outdoor will attract the customer to give you the best deal.

Moreover, if the rest of your house is looking dull, but the outdoor is looking fantastic, it will increase your house’s overall appearance.

4. Upgrade the front light

Still, there is an old-fashioned 90s porch light is hanging outside of your house? If yes, it is time to visit the shop and get new modern light fixtures for your home.

A modern light hanging outside of your house will increase the curb appealing of your entrance. Moreover, you can also choose a rustic and ornate detailed light from a vintage shop for your entry.

So if there is no porch light hanging outside your house, now get one and hang it out to maximize your home’s curb appeal.

5. Add a seasonal chaplet

Hanging a beautiful chaplet at the main door will make your home more appealing and will feel homey. However, most of the homeowners turn this chaplet when there is a special occasion or holiday.

You can choose Grapevine wreaths to increase the curb appeal of your house. A chaplet made of pine branches is a better option for the winter season.

On the other hand, you have to choose something green and refreshing for summer seasons like olive branches, lavender, and eucalyptus.

6. Contruct a large porch

Constructing a large porch will make your outdoor space more appealing. Moreover, it will make a great impression on your guests.

A large outdoor space will also increase your property value if you are deciding to sell your house. However, adding a large porch area includes constructing a new roof.

So, now add a large porch to your exterior home renovation Toronto project to make a great impression. 

7. Clean your roof

Does your roof is getting old? If yes, it is time to install the new one. But if your budget does not allow you to install a new roof, you can clean your roof.

Cleaning your roof will remove the dirt and stain from your top and make it look new. But if there is a severe issue with your roof, you have to install the new one.

Wrapping up

So here are some best exterior home renovation Toronto tips to maximize your house’s curb appeal. However, apply these best exterior upgrades to increase your property value if you decide to sell your house.


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