How to Make Custom Bottle Packaging Boxes in a Unique & Trendy Way?

Custom bottle packaging

We use versatile items that are packed in glass bottles. Many brands provide beverages, juices, extract, oils, and serum filled in the bottles. But the style, size, and shape of each bottle differ from product to product. Product suppliers need durable packaging boxes to store their products. Therefore, custom bottle packaging goes best to satisfactorily pack their products. There are some reasons for bottle packaging that are enlisted below for you.

  • Present their product amazingly
  • Increase the shelf life of your product
  • Protect from UV rays
  • Easily carry them
  • Prevent Form Kids
  • Provide complete information about the product

Let’s see the essential and trendy ways to make perfect bottle packaging for presenting your beverages and liquids.

Use Required and Flavor Resembling Color for Bottle Packaging

The color is the most imperative element, no matter whether you need to choose a color for a toy box or bottle packaging. The power to grab customers’ attention with color similarly works for all industries. Therefore, you can make your custom bottle packaging for your target audience attractive by using the key ingredients resembling color for your brand.

Similarly, if you sell a product containing lavender, you should use the lavender and purplish shade to present them in the market. However, most brands use maroon, black, dark blue, and other bold colors for beer and wine. So, ask your packaging suppliers to use the right shade for your bottle packaging with CMYK and PMS color models. A Best Bio for Telegram for your profile is a very important thing while using social media. Just like Instagram and Whatsapp, a Telegram profile also needs a Bio to describe your personality.

Choose the Exact Size and Cardboard Insert for Bottle Packaging

Now it’s time to choose the exact size according to your bottle to wrap in the secure box. Brands decide their sizes as per their products likes’ beverage, juices, and milk available in liters. On the other hand, serum, essential oils, and serum are available in milliliters (ml) like 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 20 ml, and 50 ml glass bottles. So, you must consider your products, their size, and other requirements before choosing their packaging. If you pack small size and easy to oxidize product, you can insert cardboard trays and partitions in custom glass bottle packaging to strongly hold your bottle.

Rustic Touch for Minimalistic Design Bottle Packaging

Sometimes the simple look of your custom boxes looks perfect for presenting your item in the industry. Therefore, the use of rustic design also makes your beverages packaging loveliness for their customers, particularly your wines. Rustic design means to make bottle packaging in the original form of cardboard and Kraft in brown color. It requires less printing, an affordable option for you, particularly for newbies businesses. But you can print your product’s specifications and brand message on your packaging. Also, you can go minimal by using 1-color printing methods for your custom bottle packaging with a logo.

Give Them Luxuries Touch with Add-ons

People need quality, and they are attracted by royalty and classic packaging design. So, make your bottle packaging escalate the value of your product in the industry. Therefore, you have the option to use foil stamping, embossing, debossing, and UV coatings to uplift their beautification. You can use foil stamping to highlight the logo, brand name, and brand establishment date to give a debonair look to your beverages.

Make them Informative with Printing Essential Information

No matter, you can use the artistic design on your bottle packaging, but you need to make them informative for your target audiences. On this subject, you can print all the important stuff on the box. Plus, consider the size of the bottle and its packaging while you adjust the content. Here are some chunks that you must print.

  • Brand name
  • Logo
  • Taglines
  • Barcodes
  • MFG
  • Expiry
  • Precautions
  • Ingredients

Add Handles To Carry More Quantity With Quality

You can use sealed and tuck-end boxes for small-size bottles, but wine bottles need packaging that is easy to carry. So, choose the perfect custom wine bottle packaging to easily carry four, six, and eight wine bottles. Therefore, handle wine packaging and bottle carriers are perfect for holding more bottles in one packaging box at once. You can choose any style with holes for bottles and attach handles on the top to easily carry them.


The discussion mentioned above explains the process of making custom bottle packaging boxes to esthetically display your bottle products in the industry. On this subject, you need to be creative while choosing the design and style for your bottle packaging. Moreover, you can use exact size, cardboard trays, rustic touch, and add-on to give them an opulent look to your bottle packaging. In addition to this, you have the choice to insert handles and printed information to market your product in the industry. Plus, you must choose a packaging style that holds more bottles easily and prevent them from damaging.