How to promote your retail store in effective ways?


Developing a good store promotion strategy is crucial to the success of any retail business. It helps you gain a competitive edge, create awareness and drive sales by taking advantage of promos and campaigns launched by your competitors. Your goal should be to get sales from the majority of shoppers who come into your store but don’t buy anything.In-store Promotions can really help to boost your in-store sales and customer engagement. There different types of promotions strategies you can implement, read below.

Tips To Promote Your Retail Store

Advertising is a store promotion strategy you can implement to attract new customers. Print advertising is relatively inexpensive but it’s one of the best ways to tell your store story. Keep your customer base up-to-date by placing ads in your local newspaper.To make your own postcards or flyers, you can use a program like Publisher or InDesign — both are very simple to use. Just don’t forget to include all the necessary information (like prices, sizes, and where you are located) and create eye-catching designs.

In-Store Promotion

To get more customers coming in, try running an in-store product promotion to increase sales. Flyers or postcards can be put at the checkpoint and entry, highlighting valuable offers such as coupons or free samples. Place small stickers on all of your products advertising new products or ending sale events, and don’t forget to create a leaflet for new customers entering your store. In Store promotion ideas encourages your customers to visit your store more often, because more than likely each time they visit, they will be informed of new offers such as a special 15% discount on all baby products. This service will also offer them the opportunity to keep up with special promotions by signing up for print and/or email communications. In turn, this will guarantee that you have repeat customers and word of mouth advertising.

Your in-store promoters will also play a fundamental role in ensuring that your general marketing strategy is a success. You should engage on-site promoters who are comfortable interacting with customers. Such people must possess great communication skills and be willing to fit into your company’s brand image. A promoter with poor communication skills will not be able to entice potential customers to visit your product display/kiosk. This will undermine the effectiveness of an in-store promotion.


Use street level, sidewalk and window retail store displays to attract innocent passers-by into your store. These affordable displays are easy to assemble to invite customers into your retail location. In this case, it’s so much about how much you display but more about how you do it. Pick a few of your new products or popular items to your display on your windows at different heights and play around with colors to enhance the visual appeal, but don’t overdo it.

Leverage the Internet

With the increased number of online and mobile phone users in the present digital era, the internet is the single most effective store promotion strategy. It allows you to reach more people and generate new traffic through email marketing, social media platforms, Google ads and other marketing tools.