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What are the various ways to Increase Penile Size?

What are the various ways to Increase Penile Size ?

Many men feel that they will be unable to satisfy their women well, as they have a small penis size; thus, they will not be able to meet their partner’s wishes well. However, this myth has lingered over the years, and as everyone can see; many advertisements can be seen to help a man increase penile size. But most of the ways and procedures are shown in ads are either useless or harmful to use. Also, there is nothing to do with the women’s satisfaction with size; as there are many factors that contribute to it.

increase penile size

However, if you still want to get a large penis size to have personal satisfaction. You can perform some exercises and methods, read the article to the end to know all about them. But before doing anything you should consult a sexologist in Delhi before doing any of the medicine or exercise.

Exercise to increase penile size

Some easy exercises can help a man stretch the penis and increase penile size quickly. Also, one effortless and efficient way is to lubricate and massage your penis and stretch it a little to help you increase penile size. But, here is a list of some of the easy exercises that anyone can perform at home, which can help them increase penile size quickly.

1. Massage Exercise –

This is an easy and manual exercise, in which you have to use a lubricant and massage your penis gently. Due to this, the muscles and the skin of the penis stretch a bit and help make your penis size large. But if you want to see visible changes in your body, make sure you perform this exercise regularly.

2. Penis Pump Exercise –

A man can even use an artificial device such as a pump, which you can use to exercise your penis. Mainly this pump is used by men who suffer from the problem of Erectile dysfunction.

  1. Before you use the pump, you should always use a lubricant over your penis to avoid irritation.
  2. The next step is to place the tube over the penis.
  3. It would help if you turned on the pump, which creates suction and makes an erection in the penis.

One should keep in mind that a man will have an early urge to ejaculate after using a pump.

3. Jelqing Exercise –

Jelqing is a common exercise that men can do at home to get a large penis. The jelqing exercise helps thicken the penis; also, to get better results, you should at least perform the activity once a day to get effective results. You can also get better erections by exercising, giving you healthy sex life. بايير

  1. You should carefully and gently place both the hands and massage the penis; by moving from top to bottom.
  2. The man should preheat the penis, before performing the exercise, to get better results.

4. Kegel Exercises –

It would help if you always used the kegel exercise before sexual intercourse. Kegel is also a massaging technique using your hands to massage the penis. Also, the movement is highly helpful in increasing the thickness and penis size of the men.

How to perform Kegel Exercises – 

  1. You have to hold the penis in one hand and gently rub it with both hands.
  2. If you get an erection during massage, let the erection go after the exercise.

Treatment options to cure the problem of small penis size

Here is a list of some medically proven treatment options that can help cure small penis size. Although, you should perform the exercises regularly to find an effective solution to them.

1. Andropenis –

It is a device that the FDA medically proves to help you increase penile size. Also, the device is highly comfortable to be worn and helps to spread out the pressure over the area. One can also wear the penis quickly, for around 8 hours a day. A man can wear the penis while standing, walking, and sitting. But you should at least wear the device for 5 to 9 hours daily; to see effective results and changes in your penis size. Also, one can easily buy the product online without any prescription.

2. Enlargement Pack –

The enlargement pack is specifically designed for all men who want their increase penile size. The pack methods are highly safe, effective, and nonsurgical, which give you effective results. This pack contains the following components-

  1. Prescription-based medicines.
  2.  One consultation from a sexologist.
  3. Instruction card to see how to take medicines.
  4. A set of Andropenis devices.

You should at least use the enlargement pack for three months, to get the effective results which can be seen.

3. Lotions –

There are a lot of lotions available in the market, which are available in the market and have specific minerals and vitamins, that can help increase penile size. However, it would help if you were extremely careful to use these lotions; sometimes, menthol and ginkgo extract can cause side effects on your penis. Some of the side effects of these lotions can be as follows-

  1. Rashes.
  2. Burning sensation in the penis.
  3. Some allergic reactions to the penis.

4. Traction devices –

Traction devices are also very ordinarily known as penis extenders. You can wear these devices for hours and gradually help a person extend the penis size. Also, according to studies, by wearing these devices regularly, you can quickly increase the length by 1/2 to 1 inch. Thus, traction devices are highly effective, to help a man increase penile size.

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Take Away

Many men feel uncomfortable indulging in sexual activities, as they feel they have a small penis size. However, this is generally a myth, as many men have a bigger penis size than the average size. Also, there are a lot of ways that can be helpful to a man to increase penile size. مايسترو اون لاين You can also perform some practical exercises at home. So, if you want to know more effective ways to get out of the problem of small penis size, then contact Dr Chirag Bhandari. You can also book an online counselling session with him. طريقة لعب البلوت To learn more about the doctors and the hospital, you can quickly check it on the official website of “IASH India.”

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