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Dating App Guide 2022: Increase the Dating App downloads in just 2 months

Online dating apps have gained strong momentum over the last few years. Gone are the days when you had to ask someone in person. Today, it can be done with just a few taps on the phone. It has completely changed the way dating app works. And with the brightness of COVID-19, the popularity of dating apps has only increased.

A dating app often attracts customers when it is designed to meet international standards. Especially when it comes to the American market, the dating app industry is booming and it would be a good idea to go with a top mobile app development company in the USA.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at monthly downloads for dating apps. This statistic will give you an idea of ​​how the dating app industry is booming.

Application Store Development (ASO)

You can have a very positive impact on your app download value from the app store where your app looks great.

The techniques used in this section are commonly known as App Store Optimization (ASO) and include making the app visible at basic levels to appease App Store users. As with SEO, it is important to know the users of your app so that you can identify which keywords they are using to determine your app type. Before we get to the influential variables, going to the leading ASO company is necessary to get the benefits of your mobile app.

9 Types Of Outdoor App Store

There is a moderate to moderate exercise that, although less effective than ASO, whenever used together, can have very serious side effects. Here are a few ideas:

Application site

A website designed solely to enhance web application downloads and can fill it as a special help channel. It should be upgraded to web search (SEO) tools for designated hosting phrases and all external link building should be integrated on this site. A common interference in such areas is the lack of promotion of mobile orientation, although this is one of the most popular forms of access. Here is a picture of good works related to these types of places.

Development in informal communities

The App should improve among prospective users and, in the companies that work with the users, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and so on its purity. If possible, the App should have social components with its capabilities, for example, through direct sharing of the result on Facebook or Twitter or opportunities to welcome friends to use the App. Facebook has a clearly defined marketing option for advertising the launch of apps – Mobile App Install Ads.

Brilliant App Banner

This is a way to show the site visitor a small pen with a sign that there is an App from that website accessible for download in the store assuming that the user does not have it introduced from now on. Until further notice, these are already accessible on iOS, yet without much expansion, they can be done with existing Android modules. Dating app development company need fixing for anything.

CPI Campaigns (Cost-per-install)

If the App is paid, you can make it free for a short time and upgrade it with the help of services like AppTurbo or AppGratis.

Paying per click is an effective marketing strategy. Given a click, developers should pay immediately, in order to get traffic to your app. This model is very useful in a variety of ways to speed up business. Along these lines, there are many PPC organizations, yet only one in every organization meets your needs. In addition to the growing PPC in the USA, it is worthwhile to go with the top PPC company in the USA.

Official Statement

A common type of development, however at the same time shows how you can get the most reliable results due to the “new” thing related to Apps. In line with these lines, it can be believed that the mainstream or specific media will make public or possibly the coolest apps on their pages. Some of the best events to post a public statement are the point when the app reaches the top of the store world, like any major qualifications or grants.

Cross development in other applications

If you now have other Apps that you have access to, you can use them to improve the download of the new app or use Apps with a compatible location. There are also networks dedicated exclusively to the various types of development among Apps – cross-development company (CPN)

Discontinued promotion

Participate in shows or meetings related to your app theme and use it to make your app stand out, just as you develop companies. Whenever you have the opportunity to honestly market and App (magazine, flyer, banner, etc.) always compile a QR code with a quick connection to download the app.

Make a Video

Incredibly powerful videos, in just 30 seconds, including why an app should be downloaded. Tell a story and that story shows how the App can handle this issue. Post this video on the app site, YouTube, and more

Draw bloggers – Introduce your app to the most powerful bloggers on your app theme. If they like it, they will pass it on to all students and volunteers in informal companies. If the App is paid, give them a free startup coupon.

Application Review Sites

Some of these sites may create more downloads when they do a survey that raises your app. It also complements a reputable source of links (Link Building) for the App site.

Landing Page is an Important Feature

Even if we are exploring how to improve the ASO status, do not give up natural traffic from various sources such as web directories.

Users often scan the web to find something that addresses a problem they are having. Give this an idea. Suppose you made a request to track a dog walker The expected user of this app will look for this help on Google rather than in the app store. Can this user have an option to successfully find you through Google?

Create a basic landing point type site that contains important data about your application. It will serve as a trap for your users. This will definitely provide another download source.

Make sure You Draw Traffic In Your App

Clarity about who you are looking for is important. This is the reason why choosing a product tenor is important. It will depend on the type of location you choose and which companies and people you choose to be based on.

Although the goal is to build downloads for your app, you should create a traditional site next to it. Develop a conversation between your users and expose additional items to informal communities (or events if your app is a game, for example).

By creating a traditional fan area, you will generate content such as user conversations that will connect with more people. Also, this will create opportunities for your request to be downloaded.

Go Worldwide

Opportunities for international travel will depend on the nature of the application, however here and there we are focusing on the private sector, and the withdrawal of our application to be processed in different countries without any problems.

Try to select different business categories and follow some media to discuss your application. Do you review the saying “No prophet is in his possession”? You may always be amazed at what you can accomplish in different areas of the business.


The above guide, if properly followed will give your app the required boost to download. Therefore, methods and ideas should be used to develop your online dating app business. Also, if you have something on your mind about making an online dating app website or website, you can contact us and get a free discount to speed up your business.

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