International and Local SEO: Everything You Need to Know

International and Local SEO

Every business requires a proper SEO strategy to strengthen its digital presence. Enhanced visibility on digital platforms is a must for any business, especially in this day and age. Search engine optimization can further improve the prominence, reach, and scalability of your business, whether it is on a global, national, or local level. Thus, marketing can either be local or international. One may wonder what they mean and which one their business would need.

So, if you wish to know more about SEO – international and local, this is your beginner’s guide that will help you improve your marketing strategies.

What is Local SEO?

Local search engine optimization refers to the process of optimizing a website in a way that it generates leads from local searches. Local SEO is more focused on a particular city or region. This also means that it would be a good pick for a small business with a target audience present in a specific area or location. For example, a local business in San Diego would prefer to have SEO services in San Diego itself rather than targeting a larger and more diverse audience.

The need for local SEO has increased with time. A few years back, people used desktops for searching online. And since they used local networks, they would easily get access to local businesses as their websites would rank higher on SERP. However, with the emerging technologies, people now mostly use their smartphones for searching the web, which allows them to access global business websites easily.

Best Local SEO Practices 

Following are some of the best local SEO practices that a small business should consider implementing in their marketing strategy:

  • Have a Google My Business account
  • Make sure that your website also works well on mobile devices
  • Make sure that you adapt and optimize your website for voice search
  • Try to have more content based on local events and activities
  • Ensure that you get and post positive reviews from genuine customers
  • Try to use top-quality backlinks
  • Maximize the use of local keywords
  • Make use of online directories to your business’s advantage

What is International SEO?

Also known as global SEO, international SEO refers to the process of targeting customers on an international level through global search engines. This procedure is majorly beneficial to businesses that offer their products and services worldwide.

Since people in different countries speak different languages, follow different cultures, and have different expectations from a product, international SEO can help businesses build a proper strategy. The use of geotagging and hashtags will help make a website visible to international viewers. This involves optimizing search engines for enhanced international visibility that will result in larger traffic to the business.

Best International SEO Practices 

Following are some of the best international SEO practices that an enterprise should consider implementing in their marketing strategy:

  • Optimize your content according to the search engines used in your target countries
  • Work closely with native speakers for keyword research and selection
  • Adjust content and products to take local opinions into consideration
  • Carry out thorough research on your international competitors and build strategies accordingly
  • Develop your site structure that is suitable for international visitors
  • Let Google and other search engines know of foreign language versions of pages with “hreflang” tags

Which one to Choose?

Both local and international SEO plays a significant role in helping your business attain the success you desire. However, when choosing between local and international SEO, one needs to consider what their goal and ambition are with regard to their business. For a small business that wants to focus on its native audience. A proper local SEO strategy can do wonders for it. However, if a company wants to expand its horizons across borders, it should consider implementing international SEO practices.

So, before coming up with an SEO strategy for your business and website. It is essential to know your requirements, target audience, and goals. An SEO agency can do wonders for a business with a local SEO strategy that can help drive more potential local customers.  We hope that this information will help you understand the difference between local and international SEO. And will help you choose the right option for your business.