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Investing in on-demand taxi services: How to launch an on-trend ride-hailing app?

Hello Entrepreneur! If you are aiming at upgrading your taxi booking services, then here is the makeover. This blog will be a full-fledged guide on on-demand ride-hailing services. With these interesting insights, you can take your taxi booking services online and acquire huge profits. Let us kick-off!

Why On-Demand Ride-Hailing Services Are New Normal?

In recent years, there sustains an increasing demand for online taxi booking apps. People go behind taxi apps as they book taxis in a few clicks. The instant availability of taxis at their doorsteps has become more convenient for users. In addition to instant booking, the taxi booking apps come with exceptional features like estimated time of arrival, estimated fare of the ride, location tracking, Geolocation, etc.

Therefore, for your taxi booking service to be successful, you must develop a smart app that holds smart features. In the upcoming sections, we will unearth more on the features of the taxi booking apps. As of now, we shall head to the different types of on-demand ride-hailing services that are in trend.

On-demand taxi services and their branches

  • Ride-hailing services

Ride-hailing services are the most common services opted by users. Users will open the app, book a taxi, and make the payment. The app’s mapping algorithm will map the user’s taxi request with the close-by driver. based on the address details given by the user, the driver will reach out to users.

Launching an on-demand ride-hailing app has become easy with the help of white-label Uber clone app solutions.

  • Car-pooling services

Car-pooling services often take up the name of shared rides. It is similar to public transports, where passengers will travel in the same vehicle but only the destination differs. Likewise, users can opt for shared rides, by looking through the app. This type of taxi service is applicable for users seeking rides at affordable rates since the total fare will be shared among the co-passengers.

  • Corporate taxi services

Corporate taxi services are the best way to promote your business. Here, you will tie-up with corporate companies to offer transportation services for their employees. The company will bear the total expenses for rides.

  • Shuttle services

Shuttle services are another lucrative taxi services idea. You will provide transportation between a certain source and destination continuously on a given day.

  • Outstation rides

Other than providing transportation services within a specific locality, you can extend your services to outstations. Taking outstation rides are profitable as you can charge based on the number of days or kilometres.

Existing business models in taxi services

  • Individual taxi services
  • Aggregator taxi services

Individual taxi services

Individual taxi services are suitable for businesses that already run a taxi business. For example, you own a taxi business and would like to provide online services, then you can go for developing a taxi booking app. Since this is an exclusive app for your business, you will be the owner of revenue generated via bookings.

Aggregator taxi services

The taxi aggregator app is where you will list the taxi service providers on your app. Whenever a user books a taxi via your app, the concerned taxi service provider will pay the commission amount to you. 

What is the scope of investing in on-demand taxi services?

  • As per the statistical report of 2020, the user adoption rate of on-demand taxi services is 19.3%. This rate is expected to reach 20.6% by the year 2024.
  • The profit from ride-hailing services is expected to reach 192 billion dollars by the end of 2021.
  • The ride-hailing sector is forecasted to generate revenue of 365 billion dollars by 2024. 

Exemplary Features To Be Present In Your Taxi App

  • Book nearby drivers

People prefer on-demand services as their first preference, as they can book nearby drivers. By doing so, they can save time and avail themselves of the service in a short time. Therefore, you must list all the taxi drivers who are available to take the ride. Based on the driver’s availability, the user will choose the driver.

  • Track drivers

After getting confirmation from the driver, users must be provided with the ability to track the drivers. Nowadays, taxi booking apps come with a tracking feature that will show the exact location of the driver.

  • Fare estimation

Keeping your services transparent will attract more users. Taxi apps are incorporated with the fare estimation feature. Once the user inputs the source and destination details, the app will calculate the fare of the ride.

  • Arrival time estimation

Once the user provides the location details and confirms the ride, the app will show the time of arrival of the taxi. This is one of the smartest features that will definitely lure users.

  • Schedule rides

The scheduling feature is available in every taxi app that lets users plan book rides for a later date. Yes, users can plan ahead of their rides by opting for the schedule feature.

  • Live navigation

Drivers are equally benefited from the on-demand taxi booking app. Drivers can use the navigation feature in finding the proper directions while travelling.

  • Payments

Let users ride cashless by letting them make the payment through the in-app payment feature. 

  • Ride history

The ride history feature will sum up the number of rides taken by the user via your app. The history section contains ride-related information like location details, fare, waiting time, date and time of the ride.


Hey! In today’s times, having a digital platform for your taxi services is highly important. By launching the taxi app, you can bring in customers effortlessly. With no second thoughts, take your taxi business online with the development of a taxi app.


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