Numerous things emerge that you can apply on the skin making it fresh and in the best shape. If you commit the mistake of not keeping a tab on the products you use it can lead to serious issues. Make sure that you work on the skin and always stick to the use of quality products. A ketomac lotion is one product that has captured the imagination of people worldwide.  But before you apply any cream there are some pointers that you need to be aware.

Before using it ask the question should I

Ever before using the product of the company there are some points you need to clarify with your doctor.

  • Cross check whether you are already using any form of medicated creams or lotions. It may include anything that might go on to include without a prescription along with herbal and balancing medicines.
  • Sometimes you might be pregnant or breastfeeding. A reason for that you might be expecting a baby. But make sure that you choose the medicine that is based on the recommendations of the doctor
  • There could be an allergic reaction to an anti- fungal medicine or be it any type of skincare product.

The application module of ketoconazole cream

Sufficient amount of medication is necessary to be applied on the affected region or be it the other regions. Once you apply this medication make sure you wash your hands properly. No point to wrap or put a bandage around the area till your doctor instructs to do the same. Make sure that you do not apply the medication to the face, nose or even the vagina. For example if the medication reaches on to the eyes for treating dandruff then you have to completely rinse it off with water. The use of ketomac anti- fungal cream suggests you need to comply with the instructions on the label. If you stop using the medication too early it could cause the fungus to grow and it might re-emerge.

Considering on what you are treating the application might turn out to is a way bit different. Do discuss with your dermatologist on how you are planning to apply the same

  • Even before you are starting to use the cream check out the instructions check out the label of the manufacturer. They are going to describe things in details along with the side- affects you might encounter with the use of this cream
  • It is necessary that you apply the cream a couple of times on the affected area daily. But take note of the fact if you are dealing with athlete s foot you need to apply it daily
  • Wash the affected area and then apply a thin layer of the cream. Just dry the area before you go on to apply the cream. Once the application of the cream is over do wash your hands as it is going to spread to other parts of the body.

Finally keep on using the cream till the infection subsidizes on its own.