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Know How To Get A High Security Registration Plate In Delhi

The Delhi Transport Government has made HSRPs compulsory for all the vehicles registered in this state. Hence, if you live in Delhi, you are supposed to replace your vehicle’s normal plates with the high-security registration plates (HSRPs). Instead of following the conventional way of visiting the authorized dealers to get an HSRP, you can purchase it online.

Those who have their vehicles registered in Delhi can complete HSRP Delhi booking from the official website. Once you open the website, press the “HIGH SECURITY REGISTRATION PLATE WITH COLOUR STICKER” button on the Home Page. A new page will appear on the screen where you are required to enter your personal information including the state you live in and vehicle information such as Chassis number, Registration number as well as Captcha code. Once done, press the “Click Here” tab. In the next step, you need to choose the location for fitment of HSRP on your vehicle. The appointment slot has to be selected and you can choose the date and time at your convenience. Before paying the fees online, verify your details and go through the booking summary. Once you pay the fees, it is always a good idea to print the receipt.

The same website portal also offers you the facility to book only colour coded stickers in Delhi. After opening the website, click on the “ ONLY COLOUR STICKER” tab on the home page. A new page will appear where you have to enter details such as Chassis number, Registration number, Engine number, Front laser code, Rear laser code and captcha code. Press the “Click here” tab after entering the details. The location for fitment of HSRP on your vehicle has to be selected in the next step. Next, choose an appointment slot that will be convenient for you. Go through the booking summary and cross-check the details before submitting the payment online. After paying the fees, download and print the fee receipt for future reference.

There may be an instance where you want to reschedule your HSRP appointment in Delhi. For rescheduling, open the official portal, bookmyhsrp.com.  Select the “Reschedule Appointment” tab present on the homepage. Once done, you need to submit your Order Number, Registration Number and Captcha code. Proceed further and press on the “Search” tab. You will get an option to change the date and time of your appointment. As stated above, it is compulsory for vehicles to have High-Security Number Plates in all the states including Delhi. Similarly, it is also mandatory for a vehicle to have a FASTag attached to them in Delhi. For more information on it, you can go through the respective bank’s official portal that is providing the FASTag services. For example, FASTag from HDFC bank can be purchased through the official link. Other FASTag related services such as HDFC FASTag recharge can also be completed from the same portal by logging into your account using a valid ID and password. It is worth mentioning that even FASTags are available both online and offline just like HSRPs and you can opt for any of the application modes according to your preference.


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