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Kumon makes it possible to learn together – Be it at Home or in Centre

2020 brought about a revolutionary change in the way we live our lives. Needless to say, there was a major shift in the ways of learning as well. Kumon decided to spearhead the changing ways and decided to evolve with the times, as it always has.

So while everyone thought about what is going to happen next, we at Kumon were sure that the learning model can be adapted. This gave birth to learning from Home.

“Kumon from home” was also the result of this primary thought. 

So, as the doors of the Kumon Centre shut, keeping in mind the safety of all the stakeholders, we opened the windows of online learning classes.
Our instructors and students, both equipped with their tools, aced this method of learning and instructing in the last one year, even from home. The worksheets, properly sanitized, made their way to people’s homes and the instructors introduced themselves to their students through the screen(s). There were lessons, methods which paved their way as the world came to a standstill because at Kumon, we truly wanted to not stop the learning. 

To make sure that the children have regular contact with their instructor, our instructors offered online support in the “online study centre”. Just like in the in-centre study, the instructor developed each child’s individual learning skills and academic progress through close observation of the child’s learning attitude, progress, etc. and planned the next steps based on the findings provided by the appropriate task sheets. These were coupled with constant interaction with parents, the students, thus mapping their progress as they go forward.

The constant feedback from the instructor, the regular interaction, the worksheets and the instructions is really what kept the learning going.

Why the hybrid method?
While the learning centres might just open in the future taking care of all the safety measures, the idea of Kumon’s Hybrid Method is for the child to not miss out on her/his learning from anywhere. The specially designed method makes sure that the children move with their own pace from their homes or from the centre.

What happens at Home?

The hybrid method or not, when the child goes back home with Kumon’s learnings, we see initiatives and self-learning practices in the child. Kumon aims to encourage habits and their inculcation from home. The testimonials from the parents associated with Kumon and the years of trust are a sample to all the changes that they see in their children after Kumon learning became a part of their lives.

The sole aim of Kumon remains unlocking a child’s true potential by motivating a child to self-learn whether she/he is at home or at the center.


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