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Things To Evaluate Before Purchasing Lace Hair Pieces

Wigs are used to cover the entire scalp, whereas hairpieces cover a particular part. Hairpieces are smaller than wigs and are available in different styles based on the type of area being covered. Some common types of hairpieces include ponytails, extensions, clip infringes, and scrunches, etc. The primary use of hairpieces is to add volume to thinning hair and cover hair loss. But they are now widely used as a fashion accessory.

Hairpieces are made up of human hair and synthetic hair. Human hairpieces are made of human hair. Synthetic hairpieces are made from some fabrics that have the same texture as the hair. They are available in more different colours and styles and are inexpensive than human hair hairpieces. But human hair hairpieces are more durable, long-lasting, and require more maintenance.

The hairpieces base is crafted with different materials, like monofilament, full lace or mesh, front lace, machine weft, suction and anti-slip, etc. One of the most famous wholesale manufacturers of lace hairpieces is Newtimeshair. The advantage of using lace hairpieces is they are undetectable and provide a natural look.

Newtimeshair manufactures hairpieces with two different types of laces – French lace and Swiss lace. Swiss lace consists of large holes and is lightweight, whereas French lace has smaller holes and is thicker. French lace is more durable, and Swiss lace is more breathable.

5 Things To Consider Before Buying Lace Hairpieces

1. Pick A Lace Hairpiece Depending Upon Your Daily Activities

It is necessary to pick the right ace hairpiece. Each of us does different activities daily. Make sure to choose the lace hair pieces that is compatible with your daily activities. If you are a sportsman, you need a thick, durable, and breathable hairpiece.

2. Select A Lace Hairpiece That Matches Your Hairline

A lace hairpiece you select must match or cooperate with your hairline. Otherwise, it may be detectable by others and gives an unnatural look and feel. If you wish that a hairpiece should offer a natural look, make sure to buy the one that suits your hairline.

3. Choose A High-Quality And High-Priced Lace Hairpiece

Low-priced lace hairpieces generally do not give an attractive look and are not durable. It would help if you always went for high-quality and high-priced hairpieces so that they long laster.

4. Pick A Lightweight Lace Hairpiece

Lightweight hairpieces are always comfortable to use. Therefore, make sure to buy the one that has a lighter weight and is durable.

5. Buy The Hairpiece Depending on The Area To Be Covered

Make sure you choose a front lace or full lace hairpiece, which perfectly fits the required area.


Consider all the above points and pick the best lace hairpiece that best suits you. Newtimeshair is the famous wholesale hair system manufacturer and supplier that produces different hair systems, like hairpieces, wigs, toupees, etc. With over ten years of experience in the wig industry, it has covered a broad market of the U.S. and Europe. You can stock hair systems or customised hair systems on orders.


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