Languages- among the most important factors affecting effective education


It took millions of years to evolve from animals to humans and then it took again a million years to learn how to communicate. كره اونلاين But once humans started communicating, there was no stopping. Effective communication is what made humans the most superior species on the planet. With coordinated communications, humans learnt to empathize, plan their hunting, made communities that enabled them to protect themselves from other dangerous creatures. One of the other reasons humans became genetically advanced is because they could preserve and pass on knowledge to the next generation. فريق البايرن

While the earlier signs of preserving knowledge can be found in caves with drawings in the ancient language, modern knowledge is stored in clouds. Therefore we can conclude language played an important role in the advancement of the human species and in imparting knowledge. But wait, do you how important a language can be in imparting education? Let’s see.

Last year, the government released the New Education Policy 2020, which will be gradually implemented across the nation. There were many changes and amendments brought to the education sector with this new policy and among those one of the biggest highlights were the emphasis on teaching in the native language. The centre directed that wherever possible, the institutes and boards should focus on teaching students in their native language or mother tongue till class 5, or up to class 8, if possible. Earlier the medium of instruction was mostly English or regional language, but now the 4 language policy brings in the use of English, Hindi, regional language, or mother tongue in the course curriculum.

The government believes the use of mother tongue for teaching in schools will help students in better understanding of the concepts and lessons. Not only that, they will relate to it better and will be interested in learning unlike considering it as a study as compared to when they were taught only in English.

These students will be least required to apply for a medium of instruction certificate I believe. Because most foreign universities use English as the medium of instruction and they would probably not consider a Marathi or Oriya or Telugu language as a medium of instruction. So, a student graduating from Anna University will require submitting English as the major language in his medium of instruction certificate along with Anna university transcript when applying to foreign universities.

The next language that holds importance in education is body language. Nobody can deny how important body language can be. Here’s a funny example that you will definitely be able to relate to. Have you ever heard or seen the news from Doordarshan? They have a trademark style of delivering news in their TV shows. Even when they read Hindi news, people don’t find it interesting.

On the other hand just imagine how Deepak Chaurasia, ArnabGoswami or any other Republic TV anchor read the news. If these people don’t even open their mouths, you can understand with their behaviour what they are trying to say. So got a hint, how body language is important? It’s not about delivering instructions, it’s about delivering instructions effectively. yyy online 5

I remember during school days how my favourite teacher roamed around the whole classroom, how expressive his hands and eyes were and how modulated his voice was. On the other hand, I also remember my biology teacher. Despite being my favourite subject, I didn’t find interest in studying that subject at school, all thanks to the boring teacher who used to read the lessons in a monotonous voice.

If students find it easy to grasp, then they will find it easy to understand. If students have to decode the instructions as any secret message written in a secret language as a secret code as the way military do, then how will they find interest in studying something? The teaching should be as smooth as telling Harry Potter stories to students, especially the tender minds of primary school children.

Therefore language is very important when it comes to education. If you have already applied for your Anna University transcripts and medium of instruction certificate from the university, then please do check what language your foreign university uses to teach their students. If you are going to countries like Germany, Norway, or Japan which are non-English countries, then double-check the medium of instruction in the institutes applied. You won’t like to ruin your time and money studying what you don’t understand. Right?