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Strict Islamic Countries assume a vital part in the advancement of Islam. Verifiably, Islam is one of the quickest developing religions on the planet. Indeed, it’s an authority religion in numerous strong nations. It was a progressive strict development, began in the seventh century by the last prophet (P.B.U.H) of Allah. Critically, Islam depends on a monotheistic conviction framework, or more all, it is the quietest religion with around 1.8 billion Muslims Population.

Best Religious Islamic Countries

Islam is a strong religion as numerous Islamic nations are additionally the top driving nations of the world. Significantly, these Islamic nations are very much evolved and enhanced with oil and different assets. Obviously, as Muslims, we should know the main Muslim nations.

Top Religious Islamic Countries with Basic Information
Coming up next are the top strict Islamic nations on the planet.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the main Muslim country in view of a strict viewpoint. Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) was brought into the world in Makkah and afterward lectures Islam from one side of the planet to the other. Today, these are the two significant urban areas in the Islamic province of Saudi Arabia.

Today Saudi Arabia is the capital city of Islam. All Muslims of the world travel to Saudi Arabia for Pilgrim. Muslims all over the planet visit Saudi Arabia consistently. It’s a focal point of Islam and a solid monetary nation advanced with oil assets. Plus, it’s the world’s best-visiting place according to a strict point of view.

Name: Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
Population: 33.7 million (2018)
Language: Arabic
Per Capita Income: 20490.00 USD
Renowned spots: Makkah, Madina


It’s the most delightful financial center point in the World. Indeed, one of the most visited places on the planet. U.A.E isn’t well known with respect to strict qualities anyway it’s a Muslim nation and plays a significant commitment to the world’s economy. Undeniably, it’s perhaps the best spot for diversion, sports, work, and business obviously.

Most importantly, it’s a chiefly evolved Muslim country with a ton of potential and development. Certainly, it’s likewise a focal business center point for some public and worldwide associations. Therefore, it is possessed and constrained by Arabic Muslims and encompassed by wonderful and monetarily solid prudent states including Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. People will take Online Quran Classes UK.

Name: United Arab Emirates
Population: 9,890,402 individuals
Language: Arabic
Per Capita Income: 43, 004, 95 USD (2018)
Popular spots: Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi.


The most extravagant and created tax-exempt country with high oil and gas holds on the planet. Qatar is one of the significant Islamic states, and we will know it for the oil and gas holds. Most importantly, it’s a tax-exempt country as individuals of Qatar have the greatest per capita pay.

Name: State of Qatar (Arabic: دولة قطر‎ Dawlat Qaṭar)
Population: 2.6 million: 313,000 Qatari residents
Language: Arabic
Per Capita Income: 61650.00 USD
Well known places: Doha


We surely understand numerous nations for strict Islamic qualities. Egypt is one of the old Islamic nations with a lot of notable spots. Numerous authentic spots in Egypt are the focal point of fascination and furthermore one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Coming up next are a few notable authentic spots in Egypt.
Luxor’s Karnak Temple

Islamic Cairo
Abu Simbel
Egyptian Museum
Name: Arab Republic of Egypt
Populace: 98.42 million (2018)
Language: Modern Standard Arabic
Per Capita Income: 2900.00 USD
Well known places: Cairo, Alexandria, Giza


Islam and Muslim progress is straightforwardly connected with incredible Turkey. It was a capital spot of the Ottoman Empire, which is perhaps the most remarkable Muslim domain. Most importantly, the Ottoman Empire controlled quite a bit of Southeastern Europe, Western Asia, and Northern Africa between the fourteenth and mid-twentieth hundreds years.

Today, turkey is a significantly more enlightened and created country. Plus, it’s a genuine delegate of the Muslims. It’s one of the most mind-blowing traveler puts and is notable for its best monetary and exchange arrangements. Irrefutably, Turkey is notable for its excellence alongside the strong Islamic civilization and History.

Name: Republic of Turkey
Population: 82 million (2019)
Language: Turkish and Kurdish
Per Capita Income: 13600.00 USD
Well known places: Istanbul City, Antalya


The primary Islamic condition of the world is likewise an atomic power. Public understand Pakistan for its set of experiences, religion, entrancing excellence and vacationer places, and rural items. It’s primarily a farming nation and notable for its way of life. People can Learn Quran Online UK easily.

Above all, Pakistan likewise has the world’s best Muslim armed force, which is additionally contributing a great deal to world harmony. Significantly, Pakistan has likewise given its military to the UN harmony mission and to the Arab country for the security of Haramain Sharifain in Arabia. Pakistan was the main delegate 100% of the time of Muslim siblings and particularly talks about Kashmir and Palestine and furthermore one of the strong states which haven’t acknowledged Israel yet. Without a doubt, Pakistan is likewise a wonderful nation and a focus of fascination for the travel industry, neighborliness history, and Islamic progress. Thusly, Pakistan likewise assumes a significant part in the United Nations and OIC.

Name: The Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Population: 212.2 million
Language: Urdu
Per Capita Income: 1130.00 USD
Well known places: Lahore, Pakistan Northern Areas, Gawadar


It’s additionally a strong Muslim nation, mostly founded on the Shia Muslims. Obviously, Iran additionally has the biggest uranium, oil, and gas assets as well. Iran has a ton of sanctums and excellent mosques and furthermore renowned for its rugs and different products.

Tragically, Iran is at present confronting a few impediments from the USA and major non-Muslim nations because of its atomic program. Most importantly, this nation is a strong portrayal of Shia Muslims and can assume a significant military part against non-Muslim nations like the USA. Most importantly, a wonderful country with a lot of authentic spots, customs, and significantly more.

Name: the Islamic Republic of Iran
Population: 81.8 million (2018)
Language: Farsi, Persian
Per Capita Income: 6500.00 USD
Renowned spots: Karbala, Isfahan, The Eram Garden

Other Famous Muslim Countries

There are numerous other strong and well-known Muslim nations. These large numbers of nations are valuable for Muslims Ummah. Exceptionally vital that each Muslim should instruct regarding these nations.