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Manage Your Home Chores Using Different Apps

Keeping your home clean is one of the most things that you have to make sure no matter who you are. If you don’t have a clean place to live in for yourself or your family, you are compromising your health, well-being, and many other aspects of your daily life. Living in a polluted or cluttered space will keep you in complications and disturbances and will find it very difficult to be productive and active in life. For this, asking a cleaning service to come to your home and get your home cleaned for you and your family might cost you a lot of money. You can save that amount by doing a small amount of cleaning by yourself.

In the world of apps and connectivity, there are so many apps that you can use to clean your home or room or share the task with people who can help you get things done for you. To keep yourself organized, you can use different apps using Spectrum Internet services that can help you stay connected to your work and the different tasks at hand round-the-clock. You can order Spectrum internet easily using if you are a Spanish Spectrum user. Let’s have a look at the different apps that you can download on your iPhone disneyplus.com login/begin.


If you are someone who wants to follow a to-do list to manage different aspects of your household chores and cleaning routine, then Tody is the app that you should use. You can also use the app to motivate yourself for cleaning and optimize your cleaning routines as well. It gets you the flexibility of managing different cleaning tasks and arranges your tasks according to needs rather than dates. The app has a unique way of visualizing the dirt you have to get rid of and motivates you to clean and get the satisfaction you want in life at home.

App Store Rating: 4.8


The app provides users with a simple way to clean their home and manage their household tasks and different home chores. You can simply set up different rooms, create tasks for every room and manage your cleaning easily. Also, you can review your cleaning and plan your time in a better way for the next time. Also, you can set different reminders and notifications according to the time that suits you and track your work and time whenever you can.

The app is very easy to set and use and get a nice, decluttered, clean home. Also, it will keep you a step ahead in cleaning your home. Also, for places like air conditioning vents and other places where cleaning or remembering when you last cleaned your bookshelf, door handles, and other places, the app is the perfect solution to review such information.

App Store Rating:4.2

Any. do

There are so many people around the world who use Any.do to keep themselves organized and get done with more work. The app has almost everything that can keep you organized using reminders, task lists, planners, and calendars all of them in one place. One of the best things about the app is that it syncs seamlessly no matter which device you are using. You can use your tablets, smartphones, web application, and desktop to sync and never lose your grip on the task. You can use the app to collaborate on tasks that you have at hand.

App Store Rating: 4.6

Home Routine

If you have some routine or recurring household tasks to take care of at home, you can use this app to create routine checklists and get them done on the days that you want to get completed on time. You can set different reminders and stay on track. You can get your checklist reset and start fresh every morning daily, and even on a monthly and weekly basis. You can edit and sync your tasks across different devices as the app is very easy to use and customizable for you.

The app gets you detailed cleaning lists that have built-in Focus Zones where you can add up rooms and tasks according to your home. You can do a little extra housework on a daily basis. You can work through around 7 different zones and switch your focus almost every day of the week. You can sync and share your accomplishments and other data on your different devices so that you do not need an internet connection to use the app.

App Store Rating: 4.8

Unfilth Your Habitat

The app does not follow the traditional ways of motivating people to clean their homes. You can work around different challenges and additional customized features that can help you get things straight in your home and do not take much of your time. Other than that you can different tools to use to clean your home and make your dreadful cleaning sessions into different achievable chores that you can complete one-by-one easily.

You can select the challenge according to your room, and get timed challenges that last for around 10 to 20 minutes. The app uses a little shame and swearing to get you moving and gets a little rash on you so that you give your best and be on top of your motivation.

App Store Rating: 3.9

In the end, one can say that using different apps to monitor your progress and clean your home, will always help you on your toes at all times. You can be a lazy butt who finds it really hard to get things done at home or a clean freak who loves to have things neat and tidy around them. All these apps are suitable for almost everyone. You can even use these apps if you work for a cleaning service company so that you can keep a check on your team’s progress and your progress as well.


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