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Most expensive jewellery auctioned in Europe

Europe has been and is still is a great hub or market for jewellery. Europe competes in all aspects of the jewellery domain such as production, consumption and research. The father countries exceeding their growth in the jewellery industry in Europe are the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Each one is known for their individual reasons. For example, Germany is well known for its scientific research in diamonds; recently a German scientist invented the world’s largest diamond. As Germany has reached great feats in the scientific end, UK is famous for its markets in London where people come from places to buy jewellery. Whereas, France and Italy are on the list for the unique and artistic designs that they come up with. The traditional designs and patterns that are created in these 2 countries have recognition in the entire world.

When an auction is held for certain jewellery, multiple aspects are considered while deciding the price of the ornament. The metal, the diamond and their historical significance usually are the decisive factors in almost all cases in cost determination but sometimes the patterns, designs, shine, settings also matter. Regarding diamonds, lab grown diamonds uk are much cheaper than natural diamonds and with metals, high karats are always expensive.

The most expensive auctioned jewellery in Europe was La Peregrina. It has a long historical background in Europe. The jewellery is described as a natural jewel with a star-studded provenance. La Peregrina was found on the coast of Panama back then in 1576 which went through the hands of royals, empresses and Hollywood stars! When a jewel goes through a well-known personality, it is a trend that its value will increase. The royalty increases the price of the jewellery when a famous person buys it.

La Peregrina is a perfectly pear-shaped pearl and weighs 202.24 grains. Its popularity rests in its timeless texture and its long history. It was first bought but Philip 2 of Spain in 1582. The King’s conquest became famous in the country and it became the country’s most important crown jewels. It remained in the hand of Spanish Kings for around 200 years during which, it passed through 8 kings. Later on, it fell into the hand of Joseph Napoleon Bonaparte, the elder brother of Napoleon Bonaparte, the king of Naples and Sicily.

In 1969, La Peregrina was sold for $37,000 at an auction. The buyer was Richard Burton. He bought the jewel for her wife, Elizabeth Taylor on her 37th birthday. She was an actress and she often used to wear royal jewellery at certain events and also during films.

La Peregrina most recently came up in an auction in December 2011 and the cost for which it was sold was $11,842,500 which is more than five times its low estimate, making it the most expensive diamond jewel ever sold which belonged to Europe. Only the natural diamond jewellery is auctioned and has such an extraordinary price. Lab-grown diamonds are better for daily use purposes and gifting. If you are looking for an engagement ring, lab grown diamond engagement rings will be the best choice for you. 



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