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Printed Playing Cards – An Excellent Way to Promotion

Business promotions can be a hassle in a world where everything is already done. Promoting your business means to spread the word and to get the word out; when it comes to promotions and getting the word out, you shouldn’t rely on your customers but you can hope that they spread the word out. Customers tend to spread the word out when your products are over the top good, they will tell their family, friends, and colleagues.

Getting the word out can cost you a little but that doesn’t mean you will go broke, a decent budget can be set and you can get the word out effortlessly.

Everyone plays cards at some stage in his or her life. The most common population that plays cards are young teens and people in their mid 20’s. As per the research in 2010 over 35 million decks of cards are sold worldwide in a different part of the world; the most common places being Australia and America.

Just imagine how many different types of playing cards are available worldwide; printed playing cards are the most common type of solitaire cards. There is a wide variety of playing cards excluding solitaire.

Getting your way downtown

Playing cards come in many different shapes and sizes, though standard sizes are available. Playing card business will require a lot of promotions as there are so many companies that are in the business already.

If you are starting a printing playing cards business there are something’s regarding promotions you should know:

  • “Promotions are your best friend “. You can promote your business through magazines. Everybody picks up a magazine at some point, whether if it’s in the doctor’s office or you’re bored out of your mind. So at some point, you will pick up a magazine. In today’s day and age, people tend to pick up magazines a lot, so promotions through magazines will be successful.


Promotions through social media are one of the successful types of promotion, it comes for cheap too. You can set a budget and promote your business on a weekly basis. In the social media generation, folks tend to look at their social media accounts at least once or twice a day. So it’s a great place to promote your social media.


Promotions by wrapping your car in a form of a business card, this type of promotions are useful too because when you are stuck in traffic people will see your business information in the form of stickers on your car. Your telephone number and business information will be given. People passing by will your car with business details and they might find it helpful.


Promotions through newspapers are still useful but not as useful as the examples we talked about before. Make a few reference calls and get yourself a newspaper promotion on the front page of your local newspaper.


Promotions on air can help too; get the word out on popular radio stations in your country. Everybody listens to the radio in the morning while driving to work or while coming back from work.


Last but not least, you can promote your playing card through distribution at a local exhibition. You can distribute premium quality playing cards for free and distribute them with broachers containing all the information they can possibly ask for. At the end of the exhibition, you can also give a promotion presentation or a fun speech, nothing too boring. Give a 10 percent discount to people who come from a reference to the exhibition.



  • Keeping your business up to date. What this does it, keeps you trending in the business. If your company is outdated, clients will approach you less. Customers and clients prefer companies that stay up to date.
  • Put up samples of your playing cards in bars, clubs and restaurants. What this does is, allows customers to play with your premium quality playing cards and then they’ll have to return it because the cards now belong to the bar, club or restaurant. They’ll now have an idea about how good your cards are, when they go for purchasing, they’ll ask for your card which shall raise awareness.

Designs and prints

Custom printed playing cards boxes come along printed playing cards. Cards can be printed in many different forms and patterns. The most common form is neon printing on jet black cards followed by a plain black box with your name on it, specially customized for you. Customizations can be done in many forms but on demand, you will have to wait for them to be as good, up to your liking.

Packaging plays a lead role in marketing and promotions; it’s the first thing you see even before you can see what is inside the box. Custom packaging of playing cards is a trend more than a marketing tool; effortlessly purchasable and easily gift-able at affordable prices. Customized to your liking and they make a perfect gift for your loved ones

Wholesale customizations

Wholesale playing card boxes can be easily brought at a wholesale rate from your local retail store. If you planning on starting a business you will need plenty of them from the start as you will be giving out some in samples to clubs and bars and as a complimentary gift on the house. Either way, before starting a business this is something you will require on a month to month basis


No matter what you are buying playing cards for, get them customized, get them wrapped around customized packaging for your preferred loved ones.

Packaging plays an important role in business and this opportunity of promotions should not be taken lightly.

Keep shopping, keep customizing, playing Uno and solitaire and stay unique!

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