Pros and Cons Of Choosing The Homestay Accommodation Over a Hotel


A growing number of people are traveling abroad every season, with worldwide tourism reaching record levels. More than 1.4 billion international trips took place between the years 2018 and 2019. with this number prone to ascend before very long. It’s therefore no surprise that the range of accommodations is growing exponentially to meet growing demand. Since the last few years, there has been a surge in regards to the variety of available accommodations, in addition to alternative lodging options, like hostels, capsule hotels, and even hostels. However, what has had the greatest impact on how people travel is the increase in private rentals.

The homestay rental market has seen a surge in the past few years, with more and more travelers choosing this type of accommodation instead of traditional guest houses and hotels. In essence, a homestay is a furnished home that guests can rent out for a time that they choose – from a few days up to some months with arrangements typically handled by a specific online platform or service. While many travelers have been embracing this alternative accommodation choice, many are still undecided, perhaps not knowing how this whole process operates or whether homestay rentals are suitable for their requirements.

There are many advantages of renting a house home as well as some drawbacks according to the person who is traveling. But, hopefully, this article will provide a summary of the main advantages and disadvantages of selecting accommodation in a homestay rather than a hotel.


There are many advantages to renting a homestay over traditional hotels, while also providing many of the same advantages. In reality, the model is so well-liked that a lot of hotels are looking to organize their properties into buildings that are full of apartments, as opposed to basic bedrooms and suites. Here are a few main advantages of choosing to stay in a separate apartment.

1. Convenience

“Convenience is King” The famous saying has stood the test of time for a reason. If you are traveling abroad, for business or pleasure the stress could influence your enjoyment. Homestay accommodations provide a comfortable atmosphere. They also offer additional facilities like private parking with secure access, as well as washing facilities. This means that there’s less to organize once guests arrive. Additionher significant selling point of homestay rentals is how well they are compared with hoteally, serviced apartments also offer additional services like room maintenance concierge, reception, and room cleaning that provide a more convenient experience than what you would normally find with a typical hotel.

2. Price

Anotls when it comes to cost. Private rentals are one-time payments and discount rates are generally available for block reservations. Hotels however are charged prices per day with no discounts for stays of longer duration. Furthermore, even when prices appear similar initially the private apartments can provide a lot better than a typical hotel with regards to amenities. So, homestays aren’t only cheaper than hotels, but they provide a better price-for-value.

3. Self-catering

Another method that private rentals can reduce costs for guests is by offering fully equipped kitchens that let guests cook their meals. Being able to cook meals in the accommodations will result in substantial savings as compared to hotels in which guests be forced to go out to eat for each meal. A further benefit is that having a kitchen offers more catering options as more people are adhering to nutrition programs or special diets than ever before. Being equip to cook at home in an apartment means that traveling overseas isn’t going to have to involve the usual bad habits that are associated with holiday eating. For those traveling on business, having the ability to cook quickly can save the time spent searching around for a good restaurant or cafe.

4. Security

Many individuals put a lot of significant worth on protection. Whether traveling on holiday or to work A private space can add value to an experience. Naturally, the hotel room is private, but other areas, like the cafe or bar, and reception area, may become crowded because of the influx of guests to check-out, out, or make use of the facilities. Homestay rentals are fully enclose area, which includes private living and dining areas as well as access to the property in a private manner. The guests will not be disturb by guests while they are staying there and will have ample space where they can relax in peace and tranquility.

5. Comfort

When you book accommodation, be it for business or vacation, comfort is the most important factor. This is a different area in that hotels can’t be competitive with private accommodations, especially in the long run. Homestay in Thrissur is equip with everything you need to relax with styles, such as stylish furniture, home entertainment, and modern bathroom fixtures. They also provide extra living space in comparison to hotels and allow guests to relax in a comfortable and home-like setting and not be restrict to one room. This is especially beneficial for those taking a longer travel plan, specifically those to work and who might prefer spending longer in their accommodation instead of exploring.

6. Experience

Another benefit of a house-stay rental that isn’t often thought of can be the distinct experience it provides. In a world where travelers are seeking more real travel memories, accommodation is an essential part of every journey. Apartments for homestays offer the experience of living like locals – in contrast to a standard hotel room that is usually the same everywhere. The private apartments also provide guests with the opportunity to prepare the meals themselves with local ingredients, another experience that’s often difficult to locate when staying at traditional hotels, and is typically only offer as a paid-for experience. Additionally, staying in a private home rather than a hotel means being able to effortlessly get away from tourists as well as tour operators, which results in the most authentic experience possible of a place – again this cannot be achieve with the typical hotel.


After reading the benefits that were mention earlier, it could appear that booking an apartment for a homestay is the only choice for any prospective traveler. Although this is often the situation there are a few factors to take into consideration before making a reservation. This isn’t an exhaustive list of cons in the sense that they aren’t many and far between however, the following points are frequently mention as concerns when considering the first stay at a homestay.

Are Homestays suitable for shorter trips?

A lot of people think that private accommodation is only for those who have longer stays in one particular area. While it’s true that the benefits and savings of private accommodations accumulate in time, it’s quite possible to reserve accommodation in a home for only one night. The check-in procedure is usually much quicker than with hotels, which is why they’re typically more appropriate for those who are traveling by plane. However, those who have an extremely short-term stay – or perhaps the way to a flight – might discover that hotels are more suitable since they’re usually locate near the airport’s premises.

The Abundance of Choice

Private homestay rentals offer the most variety in regards to the dimensions, style, and layout of a home. While for many, this can be view as a significant benefit when compare with hotels, some might feel it is a bit overwhelming or think it will hinder the booking process. Luckily, services can assist by offering information about the various hotels and properties, as well as offering guidance on the best locations in the city.

Nobody likes chores!

The home-like environment provide by private rentals allows guests to have to take care of the cleaning themselves, something that is normally handle every day by a team of cleaners in hotels. But, this isn’t a problem since there’s any time to consider fully service apartments. These apartments provide the same cozy atmosphere as any other private rental however, they also offer an added benefit of the amenities typically found in the hotel industry, like cleaning of the rooms.

In Nutshell

The final decision to choose a place to stay is all about your personal preferences. As mention earlier it is worth considering the option of a homestay in thiruvilwamala instead of a hotel has many benefits. Together with the fact that they provide much more value for money, it’s easy to see why many people prefer private apartments when they travel to the city of their dreams.