There is a wide range of the best red dot sights in the market. And maybe even more GUIDES to find the correct red dot.

What makes this guide stand out?

We’ve got everything in our possession, and we’ve tested lots of rifles, shotguns, and pistols.

You’ll know the best red dot for your particular weapon and your budget by the end of this guide. And some of the best reasons in the first place to still use a red dot.

Best Red Dot Sights for Your Gun

1.Aimpoint PRO

You’ll choose the proper red dot, for your specific weapon and your budget by the end. And some of the best arguments for only using the red dot in the very first place.

Practically bomb-proof with 30K hours of continuous use, …you can just leave this on and forget it. And then you change the batteries every couple of years.

It also has a crisp 2 MOA point (dot covering 2 inches at 100 yards), is compatible with night vision, is waterproof up to 46 meters, and has an operational range of -49-to-160-degree Fahrenheit.

2.Bushnell TRS-25 AR Optics

we realize, not all of us have $400 to spend on a red dot. The TRS-25 from Bushnell is our go-to for somewhere around $70. On my very first AR, it served me perfectly, and now I’m living on my AK gun… which has an even more rebound.

Total of 3000 rounds (with 1000 mostly on harsher recoiling AK and still going high…

Not the best bottle, but she’s going to work!

If you’re thinking of getting things slightly cheaper… don’t!

This is the least I’d go for anything here and there that will be going to stand up to range plinking.

Don’t use a riser to get the TRS-25… it’s bad! With the UTG 1 ” Riser, I strongly recommend having it so it’s the right height on an AR-15 (1/3 co-witness).

3.Trijicon MRO

Another preference is the Trijicon MRO, which sits at about $ 400 in much the same budget range as the Aimpoint PRO. Nonetheless, there is a smaller profile as well as a wider field of view.

Beefy and now a regularly picked Duty Optic…

With 5 years of battery life in a medium environment, the MRO offers you 6-daytime settings and 2-night vision.

A great deal of punishment survived in another High-End Optics Torture Test… With a range of loads, via water immersion to drop test, heat/cold spinning, and being shot.

However, with the drop test, it brought them like a champ with only a minor change in POA.

4. Sig Sauer Romeo5

Our latest Editor’s Choice for Best-Bang-For-the-Buck red dot is taken from the Sig Sauer Romeo5 at about $140.

2 MOA dots, 8 daytime settings, and 2 low light modes, and on/off motion, transparent and crisp.

For our desert days, the light settings are more than enough and you get 40,000+ hours of battery life in the medium atmosphere.

5. Trijicon RMR Type 2

We’re entering the world of micro red dots right now… or red dots that match your handgun.

Let’s start with the Gold Standard… the RMR Type 2 Trijicon ($469).

If you’re serious about a combat/competition pistol activated by a red dot…

With an RMR, you start.

Trusted by experts and has the most widespread “split” for pistol slides, so if you are updating your slide, it will probably be cut by RMR.

4 years of battery capacity (always keep it on) plus compatibility with low light vision.

6.Venom Vortex

Now, what about a red dot gun for the rest of us? Reach Venom Vortex ($230).

It’s the smallest and lowest of the batch we’ve checked. Plus, for many other pistols and even shotguns, it comes with a Picatinny rail mount.

We really like Venom over all the older Viper of Vortex because it comes in two (3 MOA or 6 MOA) dot sizes but have marginally stronger ratings.

7.EOTech EXPS-2

Technically, this one is a “holographic” sight. The technology for viewing the reticulum in front of your eyes can vary… It is always doing the same thing as a red dot.

For a serious gun, the EOTech EXPS-2 ($490) is my go-to. And it is with a great deal of our military. The reticulum that has become synonymous with other holographic visions was pioneered by EOTech.


You’ve got it there… our choice of the best red dot (and holographic) sights for all kinds of guns. Now, The exact co-witness height can be chosen or based on models and riser heights.