See Now These 7 TVs to Buy For Dad on Father’s Day

See Now These 7 TVs to Buy For Dad on Father's Day

If you are looking for TVs to Buy For Dad on Father’s Day, this is a great article for you. Streaming video is where our entertainment originates in modern days, from Netflix to YouTube. If your father hasn’t yet jumped on the streaming bandwagon, here are a few simples to get him started. Buying a new TV with built-in streaming applications is much easier than purchasing a separate device. You can find coupon codes for TV to save money when buying online. Our editors have selected these items and services on their own. We may earn a commission if you purchase something after clicking on a link on our site.

TCL’s Sixth Generation (2020):

A new television is an investment, but most of us don’t have enormous resources for one. TCL’s 2020 6-Series is our current favorite TV of TVs to Buy For Dad. It’s a stunning 4K TV with a Roku-integrated UI that combines cutting-edge technologies like quantum dots (for vibrant colors) and local dimming (for deeper blacks). Dolby Vision, our preferred high dynamic range format, is also supported by this device. For now, this is a solid purchase since we anticipate new TCL models—with even greater gaming performance—to come on the market later in the year, but we don’t yet have official release dates.

The Hisense U8G:

There’s no local dimming like the TCL 6-Series, but it includes an Android UI and a 120 Hz refresh rate. They can present certain games at 120 frames per second and use this. For those who don’t want to put the TVs to Buy For Dad on the wall, the center stand is one of the most elegant I’ve ever seen on a TV of TVs to Buy For Dad for under $1,000—a consideration for individuals who don’t want to play games or watch sports on the big screen. A good moment to purchase is now.

TCL’s 5th Gen:

TCL’s connection with Roku has given its TVs much attention, which is well-deserved. If you’re starting, we suggest the 2020 5-Series 4K HDR TV with HDR rather than the 6-Series. The full-array local dimming on the new 5-Series means it boasts deeper contrast than many TVs to Buy For Dad compared to its predecessor, which was edge-lit. You can play games on it, which looks better than your current HDTV. With this device, a built-in Roku control is simple and streams straight out of the box. The 50-inch model from TCL is our top pick since it offers the most value for the money.

M-Series Quantum from Vizio:

We also appreciate the sleek design of the Vizio M-Series Quantum 55-Inch ($578), another attractive TV from the manufacturer. The improved Smartcast interface from Vizio makes it easy to cast tabs from a laptop or a mobile phone. Vizio’s outstanding local dimming technology provides good contrast, while the TCL 6-series has more zones.

The X80J is a Sony Model:

With its picture processing and inbuilt X1 processor, the Sony X80J ($598) is one of the nicest TVs to Buy For a Dad because of its attractive design. Sony has long been known for producing some of the greatest television processors that cost less than $1,000. A bright and colorful screen, even without local dimming, doesn’t leak too badly in gloomy areas. Although it can’t match the 4K, 120 Hz refresh rate of the PlayStation 5, it includes a gaming mode that works well with PlayStations. Please wait for it to go on sale for less than $700. Use coupons for Sony Television to save money on your budget.


For gaming on a next-generation console like the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S, any of the TVs in this list will work, but if you want the highest visual quality, look for an OLED TV, which is LG is the only manufacturer of. LG sells OLED screens to Sony and other companies. LG OLED TVs are superior because they light up pixel-by-pixel. The dark parts on the screen are as black as possible since they don’t have a backlight. The Nvidia G-Sync compatibility on the 2021 C1 OLED makes it an excellent gaming monitor, and that’s why I like it so much.

QN90A from Samsung:

The QN90A has OLED-like contrast thanks to its Mini LED backlighting, but LG’s premium screen technology’s brightness difficulties don’t hold it back. I prefer Samsung’s 4K TV in areas without blackout curtains. If you like gaming, this is a great pick because of its color accuracy, 120Hz frame rate, and AMD FreeSync support. Even if the LG OLED is more expensive, you won’t have to dim the lights to enjoy the same high-quality picture that this display offers. A new line of TVs from Samsung has been revealed for 2022, but they won’t be available until later this year, so now is the best time to purchase the QN90A.


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