SEO copywriting is the art of writing valuable content for websites, i.e. those that are customer-friendly (sell the product), but also for search engines. They help to improve the visibility of the site in the results as well as meet the information needs of potential customers. Ducima Analytics Private Limited provides you the best content for your websites.

How to write SEO friendly contents?

As a rule, blog articles or descriptions on the website reach only regular readers who follow the activities appearing on the website. Paid advertising, but also optimization of the added content for SEO, can make them gain new recipients. The text is the basic element of every website, thanks to which search engines can determine the content of a specific subpage. 

Unique and properly optimized content should be found both on company websites (business cards) and in online stores. Google repeats ad nauseam that the most important ranking factor is the valuable content on the page. We cannot, however, forget that it must be created in accordance with SEO principles. It is worth considering how to make them more attractive to search engines.

Principles of creating SEO texts. What is worth knowing?

Make sure you have an eye-catching title and lead. It is these two elements that decide that an internet user will click on a link to get to know its content better;

The title should be relatively short, contain keywords preferably with an exact match and disclose the subject matter of the article;

Some content management systems create a lead by themselves, drawing the first few sentences of the text, which in turn causes internal duplication of content. If possible, edit the original descriptions for listings;

When creating text for a website, we focus primarily on the user, not on the search engine and keywords. It should be concise, legible and transparent;

Google appreciates unique and extensive content, which makes it more likely that the robot will find our text and assign it more value. The number of text characters should be adjusted to the place of publication and the number of phrases;

  • Type of text and number of characters: –
  • Text for the home page> 2500 words
  • Text for the subpage of the category> 2500 words
  • Product description> 1500 words

Reading a long, thematic text on a website extends the average session duration and thus reduces bounce conversion, positively influencing website positioning;.

Be inspired, but don’t steal! Both search engine robots and Internet users will not positively evaluate the content duplicated from other websites. In order to avoid cannibalization and facilitate the SEO process, take care of original texts, the uniqueness of which can be checked with the help of the Plagiarism tool. The recommendation also applies to graphics – if you download them from the Internet, make sure you have full rights to them.

Keyword selection

Ducima Analytics Reviews that properly selected keywords are half the success in SEO copywriting. They play an important role in creating the website structure, content, menu building, but also in the process of acquiring positioning links. Following the SEO practices below regarding their use increases your chances of being ranked high in search results. Remember, however, that there are also other ranking factors that Google’s robots take into account.