Short Bathroom Renovation Checklist About Tilers

Bathroom Renovation

Do you want to renovate your bathroom? Remodelling the bathroom gives it a luxurious look, enhances the beauty, and increases your property value. It’s a fascinating process but not as easy as we think. A lot of factors need to be considered while renovating your bathroom. It can be organizing a budget, making plans, permits, and more. 

Remodelling a bathroom can simply be applying a fresh coat of paint, installing new tiles, or buying new fixtures. The bigger the bathroom renovation project, the more it will cost. One way to control cost is by hiring Tilers in Perth. They will help you to design and functionality your bathroom. Here is a complete bathroom renovation checklist to help you renovate your bathroom with a beautiful range of fixtures and products. 

Basic Bathroom Upgrades

  • Bathtub
  • Cabinets
  • Shelves
  • Faucet
  • Countertop
  • Grab bars
  • Shower
  • Lightings
  • Medicine cabinet
  • Tub drains
  • Sower seats
  • Sink
  • Sponge holders
  • Tiles
  • Toilet paper holder
  • Toilet
  • Towel ring
  • vanity
  • Basin tapware
  • Hinges
  • Bath filler
  • Robe hook
  • Paint & primer
  • Exhaust fan
  • Countertops
  • Fixture or decorations

Factors that Increase Cost of Bathroom Renovating Project

Here are a few factors that may increase the cost of your bathroom renovation project:


  • Bathroom size
  • Number of fixtures
  • Quality of materials
  • Types of fixtures
  • Pricing different

Bathroom Renovation Checklist

Here is the checklist for a Bathroom Renovation In Perth

1. Plumbing Fixtures & Features

  • Bath 
  • Bath filler
  • Basic tapware & sink
  • Shower set
  • Shower tapware
  • Shower glass clips
  • Showerhead
  • Hinges
  • Hand towel holder
  • Heated towel rail
  • Shower channel waste
  • Bottle trap
  • Toilet
  • Bathtub
  • Toilet paper holder
  • Exhaust fan
  • Bathroom heater
  • Soapdish
  • Tumbler
  • Toothbrush holder
  • Toilet brush holder
  • Grab rails

2. Cabinets & Shelving

  • Vanity (size, finishing, colour)
  • Wall hung
  • Number of basins (single or double bowls)
  • Storage options
  • Cabinet handles
  • Mirror (shape, size, diameter)
  • Doorstop

3. Walls, Flooring & Lighting

Before installing tiles into your bathroom, make sure that your tiles are durable and waterproof. If you have no idea how to choose the best tiles, you can contact professional tilers in Perth. They provide bathroom renovation services in Perth and help determine the best tiles according to your bathroom interior. 


  • Downlights
  • Pendant lights
  • Tiles for floor and walls (size, shape, and colour)
  • Features

How to Plan a Bathroom Renovation?

Bathroom renovation is a complex process. From simply adding anything into your bathroom to a complete renovation, here are steps that will help you to ensure your bathroom renovation project will be undoubtedly successful. 

1. Collect Ideas

The first step of a bathroom renovation is deciding what look you want for your bathroom. There are massive bathroom design ideas available on the internet or social media. You can choose the best of them for your bathroom remodels. The other way is to hire professional bathroom renovators in Perth because they have hundreds of ideas about bathroom renovation. Keep all of your renovating ideas in one place to make the better decision for your bathroom designs. 

2. Decide what needs to be replaced or added.

Now the next step is deciding if you want to renovate your whole bathroom or change a few fixtures or want to install some tiles. The number of remodelling you select for your bathroom affects your project’s budget. We often don’t know how many fixtures, fittings, or accessories are there in the bathroom. So here is the list: 

  • Shower
  • bathtub
  • Shower door
  • curtain
  • Cabinets
  • Shelves
  • Soap holder
  • Countertops
  • Vanities
  • Grab bars
  • Lighting
  • valve and drain
  • Mirrors
  • Shower seats
  • Wallcoverings (paint or tiles)
  • Towel holders
  • ventilation
  • Air conditions or heating
3. Decide whether you want to do it yourself or by hiring professional renovators

If you have renovating skills, you can decide to do the bathroom remodelling project yourself. It can be less expensive if you choose to do it by yourself, but only if you have the proper equipment, tools, or machinery required for the project. But there could be severe damage to your bathroom if you have no experience or skills in renovating the bathroom. 

Bathroom renovation includes plumbing, installing tiles, and fixing electrical settings, so hiring professionals is best. Professional tilers or renovators always have the skills and year of experience that ensures that the work is done perfectly and safely. They also use the right tools and equipment for the remodelling job. 

Last Thoughts

A complete bathroom renovation can be a daunting task for you! Tilers in Perth will help you create a luxurious or functional bathroom for you at very affordable rates. Their professional contractor will assist you with your whole bathroom remodelling project. Professional cleaners even clean all the space after remodelling your bathroom. Hiring professionals is the best option because they are licensed; if there is any mishap with your project, they will recover it. 

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