The Finest Canon DSLR Cameras For Amateurs and Professionals

Canon Camera EMI
Canon Camera EMI

The best Canon camera is like the best Luxury car when it comes to making a purchase. Because the manufacturer has a wide range of options for all types of drivers, enthusiasts and professionals alike are spoilt for choice.

Despite the rise of mirrorless cameras, we wanted to take a look at the current state of Canon DSLRs in 2022 and make some recommendations. Although mirrorless cameras have gained in popularity in recent years, many people still prefer the feel and operation of DSLRs. 

If you have a lot of lenses, you may want to stick with the EF mount system. Canon has made it clear that it will not be releasing any new models to replace its current lineup. Despite this, DSLRs remain a popular and viable option for many photographers. Continue reading to learn more.

1. Canon EOS Rebel T7i (Beginners)

  • Canon’s T7i is an excellent choice if you already own one of the company’s Rebel cameras and only need a replacement or a newer model to work with the lenses you already own.
  • Canon’s EOS Rebel T7i is an excellent replacement for a beginning DSLR if you don’t feel limited by its capabilities. In the absence of existing lenses, it’s not our top selection for a beginner DSLR camera. Still, it’s a solid option if you have already invested in Canon lenses and want to stick with the Canon system.
  • In terms of size and weight, you can expect the T7i to be similar to your previous DSLR body while also offering some improvements in certain areas. With five times as many focus points and Canon’s Dual Pixel autofocus, the EOS Rebel T7i offers smoother and more accurate autofocus when shooting video than the EOS Rebel T5i.

2. Canon EOS 80D (Mid-Range)

  • This camera is ideal if you’re looking to upgrade from an entry-level DSLR.
  • The Canon EOS 80D is the best option if you own a mid-range Canon DSLR and need to replace it, or if you’re upgrading from a basic DSLR and already possess enough lenses to continue with this brand.
  • The Canon EOS 80D is our top pick if you want to move up from a Rebel camera to a midrange DSLR or if you want to replace an older midrange model like the 60D.
  • Because of its excellent image quality (particularly at high ISO settings) and dual memory card slots, we presently suggest the Nikon D7200 in our mid-range DSLR guide for first-time buyers who don’t care about the brand (compared with 960 for the 80D).
  • If you plan to shoot video frequently, the 80D is your best bet due to its superior Dual Pixel autofocus system versus the Nikon.

3. The Canon 5D Mark IV, Canon’s Finest Overall DSLR Camera

  • One of the best all-around cameras on the market today, the 5D Mark IV is capable of handling just about every type of photography, from action/wildlife photography to portraits/landscapes.
  • The 30.4MP resolution and 7 FPS shooting speed are more than adequate (though it may be too slow for wildlife and sports shooters). There is a 3.2-inch touchscreen that is wonderful. However, it is in a fixed place.
  • It’s a shame that the only storage options are a single CF card and a single UHS-I SD card. Even if you’ve already invested in large CF cards from previous models, this can be an advantage for you to use.

4. Canon 1D X Mark III: The Best Canon DSLR for Video and High-Speed Photography

  • The Canon 1D X Mark III is the company’s final flagship camera. With an image processor that is 380 times faster than Canon’s 1D Mark II and processes imagery 3 times faster, this camera was built to last (and the 1D X Mark II was no slouch).
  • Sports photographers will be able to shoot at up to 16 frames per second with the viewfinder and up to 20 frames per second in Live View mode with both AF and AE tracking. In addition to the 3,869 manually adjustable AF locations, the Dual Pixel CMOS AF system includes an intelligent Touch AF system for easy rack focusing.
  • More experienced videographers will find 5.5K raw out helpful. Canon’s EOS R camera has a similar electronic stabilization mechanism in this model. There’s no better Canon DSLR camera than the 1D X Mark III in terms of performance and features.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts!

Most people claim that DSLRs are out of date and that mirrorless camera are the future, yet DSLRs still have a lot to offer, including oversized, grippable bodies, crisp optical viewfinders, and long battery life, and good value for money. 

In this DSLR lineup, there are exciting Canon Camera EMI models for newbies and enthusiastic shooters and full-frame models for specialists and professionals. We’ve selected our favorites from each category for this post. I hope you liked it.

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