The Only Pieces of Kitchen Equipment You Actually Need

Kitchen Equipment

Most of the time, our kitchen is overwhelmed with unnecessary equipment, which is confusing to use and takes up valuable storage space. This article will attempt to compile a list of the only kitchen equipment you need.

These items will prevent you from spending a lot of time and energy searching for things that should be nearby or even in your cabinets. And these days, an organized kitchen can be easily reached with just one or two items. So here we go!

Kitchen Equipment You Actually Need 

Here is a compiled list for you of most of the pieces of restaurant equipment you need in your kitchen. 

1- Large Non-Stick Skillet

This is an absolute must-have if you plan to cook on your own. This can double as a medium-sized pot as long as you have a lid to place on it. You must use non-stick equipment to prevent the release of dangerous fumes from the food being cooked. You can use it for searing steaks, scrambling eggs, or stir-frying vegetables.

2- Plastic / Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

These bowls are useful for mixing dishes such as pudding, pie filling, or anything that needs to be mixed thoroughly when poured or served. You will also find these heavy-duty bowls useful for storing ingredients, for example, hard-boiled eggs. You must have at least three mixing bowls in your kitchen; as long as they are non-stick materials and stainless steel, these tools will last a while.

3- Knives (Paring, Chef’s, and Serrated)

This should be the first tool you buy for your kitchen. With a good set of knives, you’ll enjoy much more time you spend in your kitchen. These tools shouldn’t be cheap, but they don’t need to cost a fortune. The most important is that they are comfortable to use and are also well-crafted. They should also be kept sharp and away from children’s reach.

4- Plastic Cutting Board

For most of us, this is the first type of cutting board we purchase; they are cheaper and can be easily stored inside a drawer. It is also lightweight, so that you can bring it anywhere you want (like during picnics or when grilling in the backyard). This kind of cutting board should also be non-slip to prevent accidents when chopping or slicing your ingredients.

5- Wooden Spoon and Metal Whisk

If you plan to make desserts such as pudding, then the wooden spoon will be your best friend. On the other hand, if you plan to prepare eggs or any type of custard-filled dish, the metal whisk would be a better choice. These two utensils can do many jobs as long as they are well taken care of. These tools can sometimes double up as meat tenderizers or even serving spoons.

6- Set of Graduated Dry Measuring Cups and Spoons

These tools will be very useful for measuring flour, rice, sugar, and other dry food ingredients. They are also essential, so you don’t use too much of one ingredient when cooking. However, these should be of good quality and made of non-corrosive materials.

7- Set of Liquid Measuring Cups:

This is a must-have in your kitchen if you plan to bake cakes or pastries. They are used for measuring liquids such as water, juice, cream, and a lot more. These tools should also be of good quality and made of non-corrosive materials.

8- Tongs

Similar to a pair of tongs, these plastic kitchen utensils are also lightweight and can be easily stored in your drawer. They are used to remove hot foods from pots or pans when you want to serve them on different plates or bowls.

9- Kitchen Shears

This is a large scissor with a flat blade, which can be easily used for cutting vegetables, herbs, and even meats. These kitchen shears are also essential for cutting open packaging materials such as plastic traps or any type of tight plastic bag. The main advantage of using kitchen shears is that they will save you the hassle of applying pressure and exerting strength with your hands.

10- Cookie Sheets

You can primarily use this for baking cookies, but it is also used as serving ware for fresh-baked pizza or pancakes. It has a non-stick surface, so it would be less likely for food to stick to the pan and burn when you put it in a fire or an oven. This type of cookie sheet should be lightweight and has a heat-resistant surface.

11- Pan Liners

If you have a stainless steel or non-stick frying pan, you’ll need this to prevent food from sticking and burning, especially when making a large amount of food for your family. It is also used as a draining board for liquid, grease, or any other type of liquid cooked in the pan.

12- Vegetable Peeler

This is a tool used to extract the skin of various vegetable products such as potatoes, onions, carrots, and other fruits and vegetables. It is also used to peel fresh tomatoes or peaches if you prepare them for salads or stews. Because it has a serrated edge, you can cut through softer vegetables such as carrots easily and effortlessly with this utensil.

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