TheOneSpy Android Tracker App Features Review

Android Tracker App Features Review

Who does not know about this powerful hidden spying app? Almost every person is well familiar with this device because of its popularity and immense support for users. TOS has been serving spy technology users for since long.

Gradually, it introduced innovative tools besides improving customer service. Now, it’s the choice of millions worldwide, and most of them are parents and businesses. Its 5-star rating and genuine reviews reflect its worth.

This article is completely dedicated to TheOneSpy advance worthy features and their multiple functions. Before that, we want to go you through TOS plans and packages to show you how TheOneSpy Android Tracker offers an advanced tool at affordable rates.

TheOneSpy Plans and Economic Prices

TheOneSpy offers 3 different plans like monthly plans, quarterly and yearly. Each of them contains packages: one is XLite Edition, other is Premium Edition.

Prices range starts from $6.25 to $50 per month. IT varies according to plans and packages. As the plan duration increases, the price gets low.

The monthly premium package price is $50/month, and the yearly premium package price is only $12.5/month. It is because TOS wants to serve all middle and lower-middle-class audiences as well.

TheOneSpy Features

Let us show you TOS all three premium plans features. Only those tools that have both words mentioned in the bracket are available in the XLite edition.

Call Tracker

TheOneSpy call tracker offers the below-mentioned advance phone call spying tools.

  • Phone call history with exact Location (both)
  • Incoming and outgoing calls recorder with actual timestamps (both)
  • VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) call history recorder (includes Social Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Hike, Line, Telegram, Imo, Hangouts, and Viber)
  • IM (Instant Messenger) call voice’s recorder
  • Incoming Call Restricting Feature

360 Live Streaming

It performs the above two incredible functions.

  • Live Camera Streaming up to 360 View
  • Live Surround Voice Catcher up to the 360-degree area

GPS Location Tracker

It gives access to the following functions.

  • Tracking through SMS
  • Real-time Location Tracking (both)
  • Without GPS suing Tracking
  • MAP history Recorder (both)

Flexible Spying Tools

It includes the below features:

  • Remotely restart the targeted device
  • Remotely block text messages and disconnect the internet while the targeted person drives
  • Set preferences for downloading or uploading data (both)

Device Information Provider (both)

This tool enables the user to view the following information.

  • View SIM Number, Targeted Device Storage, and Memory
  • GPS stats, Mobile Battery, and Wi-Fi connection
  • Targeted Device Model and IMEI

Remote Operation Performing Feature

Upon activating this feature, the user will be able to perform the below functions.

  • Cloud-Based Control Panel (both)
  • 100% Free and Quick Customer Support (both)
  • TheOneSpy Navigator App for User (both)
  • Remote Control Over Targeted User via Online Portal (both)
  • Remote Update Setting

Bugging Feature

It gives access to three functions.

  • Snap, MIC (both), and Video Camera Bugging

Surrounding Recorder

It enables the user to;

  • Spy on Targeted phone Surrounding (both)
  • Record surrounding

Password Chaser

It allows the user to track both passwords

  • Pin Code
  • Pattern Lock


It empowers the user to spy on WhatsApp, Passwords, and Messaging as well.

Social Media Chats Tracker

Users can use multiple tools to spy on the chats of following apps like WhatsApp monitoring, Facebook spy, Snapchat tracking, Viber screen recording, Line, Instagram, Tumbler, IMO, and Hike and many others.

Live Mobile Screen Recorder

It records the screen when the targeted person performs the functions of following things like Chrome, Gmail, SMS, Snapchat, Zalo, WeChat, Twitter, IMO, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Skype Bigo, Viber, Kik, and Line. User can record live screen of target devices with the help of screen recoding feature of the app.

Email Tracker

It spies on all active Gmail on the targeted phone.

Contacts tracker (both)

It spies on all saved, deleted, and block contact numbers.

SMS Tracker

User can monitor all sent and received SMS of targeted person mobile phone.

Browsing History Keeper (both)

It allows to view history, including bookmarks, download, and uploaded content.

Block unwanted Website

User can black and restrict the unwanted and adult websites from targeted devices.


It gives instant alerts to the user when a targeted person visits Allowed and Forbidden Zones.

Device Switching (Both)

It allows the user to spy on multiple android devices or switch from one device to another. Calendar and Appointments Tracking Tool (both)

Alert Provider

It gives the alert SIM changing the notification

  • Geo-Fencing Tool
  • Active Apps Report Provider
  • Multimedia Tracker (both)
  • Remotely Capture Screen Shoots
  • Screen Time Monitoring Tool


You have seen how TOS Android Tracker provides undoubtedly valuable features in an affordable price range. To safely reach your business goals, and track your kid all activities with the best optimal route, make your journey beautiful with this worthy spying app.

You can easily get the subscription by going through a little verification process and take advantage of this in real-time.