Thumb Rules of E-mail Marketing


E-mail marketing exists in the marketing industry with its separate existence, and it makes the promotion easy for individuals and businesses. But there is a difference between e-mail marketing and effective e-mail marketing, and for the latter, there are some thumb rules. You should know about them because the world out there is excessively competitive, and after pandemic conditions, effective communication is necessary.  

Here are thumb rules of effective e-mail marketing everyone should know –

NEVER scrape the websites for e-mails to add to the contact list

Every company wants to extend its contact list and include an exhaustive number of people in its contact list. In the desperate thirst to find more and more e-mail addresses, it just scrapes each and every site it goes the most out of them. But is that a correct approach? No, certainly not, and there are some reasons to say ‘no’ to this practice.

  • It is illegal in many countries, and you might get into a bigger problem with the laws chasing you for intruding into their websites.
  • This trick gives you the e-mails in abundance but not according to the niche market. You may lose sight of the actual path.
  • It is also a waste of time because when you are scrolling down and up the sites of the world, you can do much useful market research of your market.

ALWAYS use an autoresponder

It is a relatable suggestion for those who already have many subscribers and a long list of contact. They cannot be available every time to update and respond to the subscribers, and at that time, an autoresponder can help.

  • An autoresponder sends the e-mails automatically to the people in the contact list according to the scheduled time. It is primarily used at the time of big campaigns when a company or organization needs to send countless e-mail messages.
  • A time savior can prevent the absence of the organization for a particular duration of time. It means, without being actually active, the auto spender can make the business look active in the eyes of subscribers.

Understand with the help of an example –

The direct lenders in the UK keep sending promotional e-mails to the clients on the new deals, seasonal offers, flexible interest rates, etc. But do you think they sit every time and send the e-mails one by one to each and every subscriber? Oh, certainly not because that is not possible practically. They design the e-mail messages, schedule through auto responder or something like that (whatever is available with the same features), and then schedule the e-mails. In the first week of the month, they will send messages on some new policies of the loans without guarantor in the UK. In the second week, they will send something about small business loans online.  The autoresponder will automatically send the e-mail for the scheduled loan products one by one.

Do not only speak but also talk to the audience.

If you have noticed a talkative person, he never lets people talk. He speaks about his own concerns, choices, likes, dislikes, etc. This is the reason that people do not like him because they do not get their chance to speak about their own concerns.

  • Do not sound talkative in your e-mail messages. Talk to the audience. Mention something that is related to their concerns and then relate your message with their concerns. It is a better approach than just jumping to your product or service.
  • Before you promote, give awareness on a relatable topic. For example – if you want to promote baby products, the first talk about the skincare concerns people have about the skin of their child.

TAKE the timely follow-ups

If you are doing promotional e-mail marketing and not taking the follow-ups, it is a big mistake. You need to look back at the send messages to know the actual response of the audience. What else do you think can help you understand the situation better.

  • Follow-ups are necessary to know whether the e-mails are working in the desired direction or not. People should respond to them because if they are not doing so, maybe you are missing at some point.
  • It is also necessary to make sure that all those on the contact list are receiving the e-mail or not. Maybe due to some technical issue, the autoresponder missed to include any e-mail address. It normally happens in every business because technical issues are common when it comes to technology.

The above thumb rules can help you get the correct result through e-mail marketing. They focus on making constructive conclusions of the efforts invested in marketing. All sorts of businesses can flourish well through reasonable marketing efforts. If they want to grow in the right direction, their efforts should be focused, and e-mail marketing can help in it a lot.