Any practitioner knows how difficult it is to find the right specialty-specific EMR. You’ll have to consider a number of factors. What are the conditions for my practice? Is the programme complete with all of the features I require? In my practice, how many professionals are there? Is it beyond my financial means? These are some of the most important questions to ask yourself in order to find the best EMR apps. To make your EMR software search easier, we’ve assembled a list of the best podiatry EMR software based on user feedback.

You can certainly go for any generic EMR application. A specialty-specific tool, on the other hand, will help you minimize manual administrative tasks and find innovative solutions to your problems. While a generic EMR offers basic services, you’ll have to create your own charting models, which is a lengthy process.

In this article, we’ll explore four of the best podiatry EMR software options which includes:

  1. SammyEHR Software
  2. Praxis EHR Software
  3. TRAKnet EHR Software
  4. DOX Podiatry EMR Software

So without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Sammy EHR Software

SammyEHR is a cloud-based service provider that provides electronic medical records (EMR/EHR), practice management, patient involvement, and medical billing. They provide podiatry-specific services including podiatry models, podiatry codes, and podiatry billing, among other things. EHR services such as e-prescriptions, charting, appointment management, and scheduling are also available.

SamNotes, electronic prescribing, insurance eligibility, and a patient portal are among the top features of SammyEHR. It’s strong but versatile enough to help you streamline your podiatry practice’s clinical workflows.

Sammy EHR

Sammy EHR Software Mobile App

With feedback from practitioners all over the world, SammyEHR is widely regarded as the best programme in the field of podiatry. Here’s what some of SammyEHR’s users have to say. Their customer service department responds quickly and efficiently.

Medical reconciliation programmes are also available to assist you in providing the best possible treatment to your patients. Their device, however, does sometimes crash during rush hours, causing a slew of issues for practices with heavy foot traffic. They also just have a few podiatry models, so you’ll have to do some charting yourself.

Pricing: SammyEHR’s pricing started from $349 per month per provider. 

Software Finder Ratings: According to SammyEHR reviews: 4/5

Praxis EHR Software

This EHR is a cloud-based AI-driven service that lets you understand how your practice functions and creates processes around it. Praxis EHR integrates easily into your workflow rather than requiring a significant transition to your digital infrastructure. This aids in the improvement of clinical workflows, the streamlining of administrative tasks, and the simplification of clinical tasks.

Their aim is to provide a paperless experience in a clinical setting. With integration with Praxis Software, their Scanaway module lets you handle all of your documentation needs. With its DataMiner module, also aids population health. You may either submit data and information or participate in clinical trials and testing to help with medical care.

Praxis EHR

Praxis EMR Software App

Praxis EMR was also ranked as the best Software app for physicians in the 2015 AAFP EHR consumer satisfaction survey.

Their most useful feature, according to user feedback, is that their charting tool will help you chart patient notes according to how you think. However, the app has a slight learning curve in which it understands the user’s thoughts, which could momentarily limit productivity.

Pricing: Praxis Software is priced at $259 per month per provider. 

Software Finder Ratings: According to Praxis EMR reviews: 5/5

TRAKnet EHR Software

Small-scale podiatry practices may use TRAKnet EHR, a cloud-based platform that offers EMR/EHR services. This EMR app for podiatrists has everything you need to streamline your processes and control your workflows. E-prescriptions, medical billing and labeling, charting, appointment scheduling, and other resources are available. While TRAKnet EMR is mainly a cloud-based solution, users may also opt for an on-premise installation.

SmartSheet 10 technology is used by TRAKnet EMR to translate ICD-9 codes to ICD-10 codes automatically. This helps you save time so you can focus on delivering quality treatment to your patients. For better monitoring, you can also run real-time billing comparison reports. A patient portal is also available via TRAKnet EHR.

Traknet EMR Software

TRAKnet EMR software reviews

Pricing: TRAKnet EMR’s is priced at $199 per month per provider. 

Software Finder Ratings: According to TRAKnet EMR reviews: 4/5

DOX Podiatry EMR Software

DOX Podiatry EMR is a podiatry-specific app that seeks to meet all of your needs in a podiatry clinic, as the name implies. They offer a comprehensive set of services aimed at streamlining clinical workflows, streamlining administrative processes, and improving patient care. This eliminates the need for extensive preparation for your medical staff and doctors.

DOX Podiatry EHR has a graphical user interface that captures real-time data to aid in diagnosis. As a result, handwritten notes are no longer needed. It also aids in the simplification of your billing operation.

DOX podiatry EMR

DOX Podiatry EHR/EMR software

DOX Podiatry EMR software also includes HL7 support and billing software integration. However, one of the disadvantages of this EMR programme is that it has become obsolete over time and does not provide the required customer service.

Pricing: DOX Podiatry EMR is priced at $500 per month per provider. 

Of course, this isn’t the end of the list of useful EHR apps for podiatry practices. Other applications, such as DrChrono EMR, are also worth looking into.

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