Top 5 Laminate Combinations for Kitchen Makeover


If you want your kitchen to look more inspiring and personalized, every corner of it, including cabinets, walls, countertops, and floor, requires equal attention while designing it. As you start working on the interior decor of your kitchen Laminate Combinations, you have a lot on the plate, from selecting the design and colour to choosing the apt material for the project to get complete.

But the sky-rocketing prices of marbles, ceramic, plywood, and hardwood that are the building blocks for creating a modular kitchen leave many aloof from giving life to their vision. Plus, they need high costs to get installed, which is another hindrance. However, one cost-effective solution to this is the decorative laminate sheet. It is versatile, and you can install it anywhere in the kitchen. So, it is your go-to choice for your kitchen makeover.

Since laminate manufacturers in India offer an array of kitchen laminates, choosing the right combination of laminate sheets becomes challenging for many. This blog piece unveils a few trendy laminate combinations for the kitchen makeover, and here they are.

  1. Blend white with blue for a bright kitchen

No colour other than blue or green reflects happiness and wellness. Blue is also versatile enough to go with any light shade. By mixing blue and white in the right proportion, you can express feelings of pleasure and joy. This blend will make your kitchen look bright and stylish, keeping you with the trends.

Blue colour laminate sheets come in multiple shades, but not all work equally well with your creative vision. So, choosing a shade specific to your taste and personality is paramount. You can do it two ways. While one is picking the lighter shades of blue with a glossy finish combined with stainless steel handles for a perky look, the other is selecting richer shades of blue with a matte finish having dark/black details to achieve a classier feel. Irrespective of which way you go, find the best laminate brand in India, such as Royale Touche.

  1. Choose green and white paired with wooden texture

The green colour inspires, evokes emotions, and oozes a sense of peace and prosperity. And for this reason, green colour laminate sheets remain in great demand for the kitchen makeover. When combined with white along with wooden doors and flooring, it looks stunning.

Like blue, the green colour also has multiple shades. Here again, you have two ways to make the colour scheme work for your kitchen design. Lighter green shades work well with white/grey countertops and cabinets. You can also pair them with wooden laminates on the door and flooring for a fascinating appearance. On the other hand, richer shades of green combined with natural textures, such as wood and stone, will give your kitchen a captivating feel.

  1. Give your kitchen a bold look with a black and metallic accent

One apparent benefit of having this colour scheme is that you do not need too much cleaning in the kitchen. And if you are the kind of person who does not have time to perform frequent cleaning in the kitchen, dark colour combinations make more sense. Black with metallic accent adds glamour and boldness to the interior design.

To make your kitchen look more elegant, you can combine this colour scheme with metallic handles on black/dark cabinets. You can also use plenty of other metallic accessories to complete the design. So, black colour decorative laminate sheets are available in various prints, textures, shades, and finishes. Match them perfectly with some lighter tones for your modular kitchen.

  1. Try pastels with a pop of textures

A pastel blue paired with a marble texture will create a serene appeal. If this theme does not suit your personality, you can try a pale pastel green with patterned flooring to make your kitchen look tranquil and spacious.

Pastels are a family of colours that are a treat to the eye and never go out of fashion. For cabinets, choose soft pastel shades combined with a backsplash of textured terracotta tiles or traditional tiles. Be sure to create a good balance of colour combinations. So, while buying kitchen laminates from a laminate manufacturer in India, this theme or colour combination can keep you with trends.

  1. Opt for timeless white

White is the most versatile colour that can create magical effects in your kitchen. White colour kitchen laminates can make your kitchen look spacious and lavish. The timeless beauty of all-white can leave anyone bewitched, and so it is the most regularly used colour for modular kitchens.

Also, you can combine white with light and dark colours as per your choice. If you find the above combinations useful and worth adopting, look no further and visit Royale Touche, the best laminate brand in India. Royal Touch laminates guarantee matchless designs, exclusive colours, unparalleled durability, long-lasting shine, and top-notch quality Read More