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Top 5 Reasons That Make Aluminum The Perfect Choice For BI Fold Window

For the longest time, wood and PVCs have dominated the market for windows and doors, but aluminium is catching up fast. Aluminium competes reasonably well with PVCs, but the apparent rise is because of the advantages the material offers. So, which are these advantages?

Reliable and durable

The reliability of anodized aluminium windows is probably the main reason why people are flocking the market for this type of window. Aluminium is a stable material that doesn’t expand or contract a lot, which means temperature changes will likely leave it intact. So, whether you live in cold or warmer temperatures, your bi-fold windows will remain easy to open and shut.

Timber and PVC end to warp and twist, making it hard for you to open and close the windows. It also has high tensile strength making it exceptionally weather resistant. This means it can stand anything that comes its ways, whether it’s windy, cold or sunny weather.

Low maintenance

If you have used wood before, you know that infestation and warping will cost you a few hundred bucks each year so you can keep your windows looks sleek. However, anodized aluminium windows only need a cloth and soapy water to maintain. Wipe them down as often as you wish, and you will look like you just installed a new set of bi-fold windows.

Energy efficiency

With the rising cost of living today, saving a few dollars is always a welcome idea. Aluminium is thermally efficient since the windows are fitted with thermal breaks. If you require to take it a step further, you can fit your windows with triple-glazing, which seals your anodized aluminium windows and saves you energy. While PVC windows compare fairly where thermal efficiency is a concern, how well it takes will depend on the provider. Wood may be a good insulator, but weather conditions can cause contraction draught making them less efficient.

Aesthetically pleasing

Think about it. You have this beautiful theme for your new home remodel and need a modern French window to match. To give the wow factor, aluminium can be made into different designs and shapes to suit any project. Aluminium windows ooze contemporary elegance, and you can choose from any frames, sashes, beading, and cills without worrying that your windows will look weird or off. That’s not all. You can also choose to have the bi-fold windows in any colour to match your home theme perfectly.

Coupled with the glass, these windows create an exotic mix of trendy, contemporary innovation and elegance. The decorative coating they get can also serve as a protective coating, ensuring the way your windows look lasts a long time. What’s even better, they retain this coating for years on end, meaning you don’t have to worry about repainting your windows now and then.


Security is always near the top when considering the type of windows to install. Windows are the most fragile entry point into your home. Since aluminium is a strong material, it offers the robustness you need to keep unwanted visitors outside. Couple this with a multipoint locking mechanism, and you are sure your modern French windows are secure.

Lastly, because aluminium is a sturdy material, you don’t need any bulky frames to provide support. This means you don’t need large apertures when fitting modern French windows. Instead, you can maximize the glass and have a great view without compromising your windows’ quality. With such advantages, it’s easy to see why people are inclining towards ALUK + TOSTEM aluminium. However, make sure you work with a professional, so you get the best value for money.


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