Top 5 Thrilling Water Sports in Goa To Add In Your Bucket List


Goa is such a place where you can chill out with your family friends or with your close ones. Spending time by absorbing the serenity of long sandy beaches, having a wholesome mouth watering foods, partying with your friends, trying something new like casino, the most awaited crazy nightlife are always the main attraction of a beach lover or who are planning to come Goa for their next. But when you are coming to Goa, you will get more than this. A load of water sports in Goa are waiting for you. 

List of water sports in Goa: Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Banana Ride, River Rafting, Bumper Ride, Jet Ski Ride, Speed Boat Ride, Adventure Boat Trip, Dolphin Safari and so on. If you get a chance for Scuba Diving and other water sports, don’t miss it. There are also many watersports combos in Goa offered by Sea Water

So, there are so many types of sport activities to explore the ocean life and make your life’s diary an amazing one. Now if you think that it would be a complicated thing to find such best places in Goa, then there is a solution altogether, my friend. The recommendation goes for Sea Water Sports only. Why? Cause they only provide you with the best budget as per your choices and plans. If you are celebrating your special occasion in Goa, just tell them and it is going to happen within a couple of times. You can get the best water sports in Goa Baga beach, Calangute, Grenade Island and so on. So, have a look forward to 5 and foremost water sports that can help you in fulfilling your wishes for watersports. Sea Water Sports provide you the cheapest water sports in Goa.

Scuba Diving: If you are an adventure lust, then you should not leave any chance for Scuba Diving in Goa. Water Sports in North Goa is quite famous. If you are above the age of 10 you can do this. If you are non-swimmer, then you also don’t panic. High professional scuba divers are going to teach you before your final dive into the Sea. Grenade Island, Malvan, Vasco Beach are the best places for Scuba Diving in Goa. If you are with Sea Water Sports then don’t think too much for anything just go for it, then will handle every inch of your necessity. They will give you 

Snorkeling: Snorkeling would be a little bit difficult for non-swimmers. If you are a swimmer but not a pro in it but have a fear of oceanic water, then you just need to make up your mind that you can do anything whatever you can. All the safety measures will be there for you like the dive professionals and required equipment like snorkel, proper swim suit, oxygen mask and other things.

Snorkeling also does better in Grenade Island in Goa. Actually the water visibility is quite better than any other beaches in Goa. Just think about that you are going to watch that show with your eyes which you have seen through Nat Geo wild show. You are the witness of every little thing of the underworld of the ocean, the coral reefs, ocean kingdom filled with a variety of flora and fauna, some new unknown species are also there. 

Kayaking: Kayaking is such an adventuristic water sport activity to feel nature by paddling with cycling zens in a boat. In Goa, Sai Backwater and Spiker’s River (Narui River) offers you the best Kayaking. Enduring the holistic atmosphere can mold your mind and you can forget everything about your stressful life or what your boss said before coming to Goa. So, go and get down into the boat with your friends and start romanticizing.  

River Rafting: River rafting is such a nice water sport activity that can blow your mind. It is a very fun element for beginners. Just thinking about river rafting in the monsoon and also in a hilly river would be more exciting, nah! Don’t think too much, Sea Water Sports is giving you all kinds of amenities and guidance like how to rowboard, in which portions are tough to tackle in the river and any such things to remember while rafting. You can have two hours per session. 

Jet Ski Ride: You can enjoy a jet ski ride easily in the Arabian Sea with your partner or you can go solo. So, to feel the thirst of your adventure by Jet Skiing. You can revel in sailing, water surfing, fishing and dinghy sailing, amongst different sports activities. So, prepare your trip to Goa NOW. 

So, these are the main five watersports you must try while you are in Goa.

What is the best time to try such Water Sports?

Mid October to May is the best time to visit Goa for enforcing your travel freaking mind and getting down into watersport. It is better to avoid the monsoon. In this season, the water level of the sea, temperature can fluctuate at any time that you never know. But the time of winter and summer the temperature of the sea water is in between 27-30 degree celcius. It is the required warmth that is needed for Scuba Diving and Snorkeling mostly. Sea Water Sports can give you the proper guidance. They really nail it.

What are the current costs of watersports in Goa?

Actually it varies from one water sport to another one. But Sea Water Sports offer you the pocket friendly way out to live in your dream always. It is very pocket friendly. You can spend only 300 bucks minimum for experiencing the watersports. Also there are some water sports combos here. 

Which is the best and cheapest place in Goa to do?

It is truly difficult to specify a place for all watersports. Grenade Island, Baga beach are best for Scuba diving, Colva  beach is famous for jet skiing. So, there are many variations. For getting all in one and within the cheapest price, it is quite generous if you book water sports combo packages in Goa. 

What are the rates of watersports in South Goa?

The rates fluctuate but this range of watersports in South Goa is within 299 to 1499 bucks only.

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How to book water sports in Goa?

So, I think you get some more visibility through this article. Let us know when you are coming? To know more and book water sports in Goa, visit Sea Water Sports’s website or you can make a call on +918291917770