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Top 6 Ways to Improve Your Poker Game

Online poker games have gained a lot of popularity of late. With many people being stuck in the confines of their homes ever since the global pandemic started, such games have turned out to be the favourite pass-time activity for many. Poker is no doubt the top in the list of many avid online gamers. If you are one of those new poker players looking for some tips that can help you take your game to the next level, then here are a few ways to improve your game.

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Build Your Network-

When you are in a community like online poker, you need to make as many friends as possible to gain more knowledge from their experiences. You need to surround yourself by expert poker players and serious amateurs to be able to discuss poker hands. There are a lot of forums, Facebook groups and subreddits to do so.

Study Poker Books-

If you want to seriously hone your craft, then you have to do some serious research too. There are tons of poker related books in the market like GTO (Game Theory Optimal) Poker Strategy, Exploitative Strategy, Live Poker, Poker Math, Tournament Strategy, The Mental Game, and more. These books are reasonably priced and easily available online. With these books, you can gain knowledge that you won’t find in any forums or subreddits. They offer very good case studies, scenarios, and some in-depth strategy-related theory that can help you to understand the game even better.

Watch Pro Players Playing Online-

The sudden rise in the number of people watching other players playing different games online is not just a source of entertainment but it also serves as a learning platform. When you watch a pro player playing online poker, you get to understand his thinking and how one should be dealing with a certain situation. Platforms like YouTube and Twitch are great for watching online streams.

Learn from Mistakes-

Every mistake you make in a game should be a learning point for your next game. Once you have made a mistake, you should learn from it so that you don’t repeat the same mistake. One way to do so is to study your own hand history using a good poker tracking program. This will help you to analyse all the weak points in your game and play better next time.

Post Your Hand Online for Review-

When you join a community group, you should post your hands on the platform to get some reviews. You may get some bad and good reviews, but this will help you to understand your own mistakes and the game better. An experienced player’s review matters a lot as they know what you could have done instead of what you did. This type of thinking will help you avoid mistakes in future.

Know When to Back Out-

Letting your ego play the game is a rookie mistake that can cost you a lot of money. It is equally important to understand that you might not have lady luck by your side on a particular day, so it is better to fold and back out rather than increasing the stakes without nay strategy. This may sound like a mistake that new player makes, but even pro players sometimes lose their cool in order to pile some money.

Learn from Pros-

The last tip is to learn as much as possible from a pro player. If you get advice from a player who is in your level, then it makes no sense. You need someone to look up to, someone who can guide you through all the techniques and strategies that you won’t learn otherwise without his guidance.

The above-discussed ways are great tips to follow to level up your poker game from an amateur to a pro. You need to understand that expertise comes with a lot of experience. You need to gain such experience over time by playing and practising, so it’s a game of patience too.


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