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Top Features of Contactless Visitor Management System

There are various types of visitor management systems that are installed in different offices. These systems are popular due to their superb features and efficient working. One of these is a touchless visitor management system.  Due to the Covid19 pandemic, this system is in high demand. These systems have relevant features also which makes it a COVID-19 secure workplace as well as a flawless visitor experience. Thus, in this post, we are giving you some top features of a contactless visitor management system.

  1. Voice Command

With the AI (Artificial Intelligence) devices like Google home, Amazon’s Echo, people are now becoming more comfortable interacting with the self-service devices by voice. Without touching the screen, by only saying words, the voice command feature will surely guide your visitors to sign-in easily.

  1. Temperature Detection

Some time ago, thermal screening was not an essential part while check-in. But now, due to Covid19 pandemic, thermal screening can be widely seen in various places. You must choose a contactless visitor registration system with a thermal imaging feature. This feature provides a fast as well as a touchless method for contactless check-in. The stand-alone kiosk is also available that allows contactless monitoring and with its core scanning technology screen visitors for an increased temperature.

  1. Contactless QR code

A visitor management registration system with QR codes has become a useful part of post-pandemic life for check-in. It helps in recognizing the visitors instantly against the invite and the QR code can verify them with any validation process. When the visitors scanned their QR code and the pass is printed, the host gets notified immediately. Visitors with a Mobile phone Camera can scan the QR code for displaying text, a webpage, enter data, or register attendance. Furthermore, QR codes make the self-registration journey simple as well as save a lot of manual processes.

  1. Motion detectors

Usually, people think more about touch-enabled screens only as of today’s self-service devices. In recent times, the model of touchless interactivity has become the main part of many technology company’s development and research. A Contactless visitor management system also brings motion detectors for removing the need to touch the screen and hence remove the contamination risk as well.

  1. Digital receptionist

During the process of check-in of a visitor, they can get a lot of help from digital reception. The reception staff can move to a safer place or more positive environment. They can be moved to back-office or completely outsource whilst upgrading safety. A digital reception will assist the visitors in an efficient manner and assure a smooth experience for visitors. Moreover, it also enhances the image of an organization as it works by using advanced technology.

# Final Words

Apart from all these features, a contactless visitor management system also provides psychological safety to the visitors especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. This system in the longer-term will always impress clients, customers, and partners. Hence, we hope that you will surely like the post and by knowing the excellent features of this contactless visitor registration system you will make a decision to install it in your workplace.


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