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A guide to get knowledge about Tyre Rotation

The durability and fuel efficiency of your tyres gets increased with periodic tyre rotation. You can also save a huge amount of money and your car’s handling capacity will also get improved. You can follow various ways of rotating your tyres based on the car type you have. The instructions are offered by many manufactures in the service manual but, still, if you don’t have such a manual, you can go through this article to get guided.

Things you will need

  • Jack Stand
  • Wheel brace
  • Car Jack

Non-directional and Directional tyres

The tyres that can be used in both the direction and the tyres in which you can’t distinguish the inner and outer side are symmetrical or non-directional cheap tyres online. However, tyres that are meant or designed to be used in only one direction are Unidirectional and Asymmetrical tyres. Their side wall has clear marks inner and outer side.

You must always be aware of the type of tyre used in your car and rotate them accordingly. It is assumed in the first article portion, the rotation needs to be performed for all four tyres and the spare wheel is not of similar size.

Four-wheel drive

You will need to switch sides in the cars offering a four-wheel driving system. Simultaneously, you will also have to get the front wheels moved back.  A full-time system of 4WD will also require this to be done likely. The instruction manual offered for your car must be referred to in details or you can consult your trusted mechanic for any suggestion. The pattern of rotation for cars with no 4WD system is very different and owners of such cars must follow the different rotation pattern.

Rear-wheel drive

You will have to get the rear wheels moved to the front and the front wheels moved to the rear part if you own a car with a rear-wheel drive. A rotation pattern for four tyres is adopted for these cars, while getting the front wheels moved to the rear part, you will have to get the sides switched. 

Front-wheel drive

The two front wheels are moved to the rear in this case. The sides are switched with the rear being fit at the front. Different types of pattern are there for different types of cars.

Directional tyres

The directional tyres have patterns designed in such a way that they function only in a specific way. Therefore, you can’t get them switched sideways. Therefore, it is comparatively very easy to rotate the tyres in these cases. The rear tyres are moved to the front and the tyres at the front are moved to the rear part.

If you want to include the spare tyre in this pattern of rotation, you can do it in the following way provided it is non-directional.

Rear or four-wheel drive

A rearward cross rotation pattern can opt for your cheap tyres fitted if you own a four-wheel and rear-wheel-drive car. The wheel on the right side of the rear part will be replaced by the trunk wheel while both the wheels at the rear side move to the front. While the wheel on the left side of the front part would move to the trunk, the wheel on the right side of the front part would move to the left side of the rear part.

Front-wheel drive

The spare wheel of spare tyres is placed at the right side of the rear part, while the wheel at the right side of the rear part moves to the left side of the front part.  While the right side of the front goes in the trunk, the left side of the front part is placed at the left side of the rear part and the left side of the rear moves to the right side of the front.


However, if you are a DIY person and change your tyres at home, you must get the tyres balanced and rotated at a garage. You must also check whether your tyres are asymmetric or directional.


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