Unknown facts and truth about military coins


The military challenge coin is something which few people have idea about. Did you ever wonder what these coins are and why they are so symbolic? Let’s discuss the purpose of presenting a challenge coin. A challenge coin or a military coinhas been symbolic as it is being provided to the military officers of high rank for their substantial contribution during their tenure period.

Those individuals who carry military coins with them are the most respected offices. It is like a small token of respect and honor that signifies the contribution of that individual in a certain organization. These coins range from a diameter between 1.5 to 2 inches and are generally 1/10 inch thicker. However, in various military organizations, the style, shape and size of the military coins vary greatly.

All these coins might come in different shapes and sizes but the the value of this coins are Indians. For every military or soldier who receives this coin, it is a matter of great Joy, pride and honor that the person will cherish throughout his life.

Do the military coins have any particular shape?

Some of the coins may even take the shape of arrowheads, dog tags, shields and pentagons. It is up to the military organization what type of military coin they want to furnish. These challenge coins are generally made up of copper, nickel, pewter and even silver and gold.

Different types of or different materials that are used in the challenge coins are symbolic in nature as it is presented to people of different ranks. Challenge Coins 4 Less offers the best type of military coins with elaborated highlights and designs that would highly replicate the motto of the organization. .

Where did the military coin first originated?

Although it is unsure that from where did the tradition of presenting challenge coins begin but there are few instances that date back to ancient Rome. In Rome, the soldiers who excelled in a battle for one day would receive their typical wage along with a bonus military coinage. These bonus coins or military coins were minted featuring the mark of the entire legion from where they came. This is the reason why some of the Roman soldiers kept these coins as mementoes instead of spending them.

Apart from that, in the next coming generations of the military organization of various parts of the globe, these military coins were handed out to people or officers as a reward for their significant contribution in the military organization. Also, soldiers kept the challenge coins as their identification badges for serving the military.

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