Upgrade Your Home Look with Aluminum Sliding Windows Designed by TOSTEM India

Aluminum Sliding Windows
Aluminum Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are known for their sleek design that can give a clean and elegant look to your home or office. And while there are various fenestration product manufacturers in the country, TOSTEM INDIA is one of the best for high-quality aluminium windows and doors. You can take your pick from the wide variety of windows offered by the company to transform your home into a beautiful and comfortable abode. 

Read on to learn more about why investing in the sliding windows designed by TOSTEM INDIA is the right choice. 

Features of TOSTEM INDIA Sliding Windows

TOSTEM INDIA is known to offer top-notch products for doors and windows, including sliding windows with the following features: 

  • Innovative Japanese Technology

The aluminium sliding windows offered by TOSTEM INDIA get manufactured with the help of innovative Japanese technology. The windows are tested for quality and performance to withstand the most challenging weather conditions. في اي فريق يلعب كريستيانو رونالدو The entire manufacturing process is machine-driven, focusing on perfecting the windows’ optimal design and unmatched aesthetics. 

  • Pre-Engineered Manufacturing for Quality Control

TOSTEM INDIA is the only provider of pre-engineered windows in the country. These windows are pre-manufactured to ensure better control over quality. The pre-engineered windows come with an assurance of better quality, longer life, and more excellent reliability. It also helps balance design and technology to match the diverse customer needs and expectations. 

  • Easy Delivery and Assembly 

Like all TOSTEM INDIA products, the sliding windows also have a hassle-free delivery and assembly process. The windows are packed and delivered to the home and assembled on-site with the help of an experienced technician. This feature ensures hassle-free transportation of the windows while also eliminating arranging large storage spaces. Moreover, the window-in-a-box delivery feature makes self-paced assembly and installation relatively straightforward. 

  • All-Weather Surface Protection

The aluminium sliding windows feature an anodized coating further refined with the patented TEXGUARD technology for all-weather surface protection. The technology helps protect the windows’ surface from the damaging effects of heat, water, and moisture. It also helps retain the colour and gloss of the window surfaces for up to 40 years. The installation of these sliding windows also ensures an elegant and appealing look for your home year after year, all thanks to zero dust accumulation. This feature also makes maintenance a breeze.

Reasons That Make TOSTEM Sliding Windows Stand Apart

In addition to the features discussed above, the TOSTEM INDIA aluminium windows also offer various benefits. The most important of these benefits are: 

  • Usage-optimized Design

All the components of the aluminium sliding windows undergo designing by considering the end user’s needs and performance requirements. The technicians pay keen attention to ensuring that the locks, handles, glass panes, and frames maximize utility. For instance, rubber gaskets in the windows reduce the chances of finger pinching, making the windows ideal for usage among children. Also, since aluminium is sturdy and lightweight, anyone can operate large sliding windows efficiently. 

  • Maximum Glass Coverage

The window systems come with maximum glass coverage and narrow sightlines. This feature helps ensure that you can enjoy an unhindered view of your outdoors and enjoy the benefits of natural light and the sun’s heat flooding your indoors. The minimalistic design of sliding windows also helps you to give your home a highly aesthetic and contemporary look. 

  • Performance Uniformity

TOSTEM INDIA windows undergo designing to offer consistent performance across a wide variety of spaces. The windows can be used in homes and even offices to enhance their aesthetic appeal and make them highly functional. The diverse range of sizes in sliding windows has contributed significantly to increasing their popularity in the housing industry.  

  • Strong and Recycle-Friendly

Aluminium is a sturdy and durable material, which is why these windows last way longer than any other ordinary sliding window. Aluminium windows are ten times stronger than windows made from other materials such as uPVC, making them more reliable and durable housing solutions. Another advantage of using aluminium windows is that they are eco-friendlier and more sustainable. This is because aluminium has a long life and can be recycled repeatedly. 

  • Better Air and Water Sealing

The windows are designed to eliminate air and water leakage for a comfortable living. This is ensured by using precision nano-tech rubber gaskets and silicone sealants in gaps. All these factors ensure air and water tightness. The presence of EPDM gaskets also provides sound insulation benefits, minimizing the sound by 25 Db with an 8mm glass. Also, the double drainage system installed in the windows drives the water accumulated on the surface and frame outside. سيرجو راموس  

  • Versatile Product Range

TOSTEM India offers a versatile range of aluminium windows. You can choose from a diverse collection of designs, styles, and sizes to match your needs perfectly. For instance, these windows come in various colours, including natural black, natural white, ivory white, autumn brown, etc. كيف احصل على المال مجانا؟   


With aluminium sliding windows from TOSTEM INDIA, you can avail the combined benefits of sleek, smooth operation and versatility of design and functionality. We hope that the above details have helped you better understand the features and benefits of the sliding windows offered by one of the leading companies in the industry and will help you make the right choice.

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