In India, visiting Australia is a kind of dream come true for many people. The reasons for visiting Australia mostly differ but for any reason, you need a visa. Primarily, there are five types of visas for which many people look for. These five categories are student visa, employment visa, skilled visa, family visa, and permanent residency (PR). For getting any type of visa, you need to keep moving around the Australian embassy and immigration department. In short, the whole process of getting a visa for Australia is cumbersome, tiring, and time-consuming. In such a case, if you want to save your time and unnecessary efforts then hire the visa services of PearVisa. Let us discuss in brief different types of visas needed for migrating to Australia.

Student Visa: Australia is a most renowned destination for getting higher studies. The universities and colleges of this country are globally recognized and offering a bright future to their students. Due to these reasons, students of India always have a dream to study in the educational institutions of Australia. For this more than 10,000 visa application forms are applied every year. So, you can understand how difficult it is to get a student visa for Australia.

Employment Visa: Getting an employment visa to work in Australia is a great career option for talented and skilled people. Many Indians are working in Australia with this visa and their higher living-stands attracting several others. So, it will be not surprising to see long queues for getting the employment visa of Australia. Many people are denied getting the visa may be because of one or another reason.

Skilled Visa: Skilled visa is the most popular one among the professionals of India who want to get high salaries. For getting such a visa, the applicants need to produce several documents related to their qualifications, age, character, work experience, and many other things. It often difficult for a professional to know about all the requirements for getting a work visa for Australia. And because of that they never able to fulfill their dreams.

Family Visa: People staying in Australia may be temporarily or permanently can bring their family members to Australia by getting a family visa. This visa is offered to spouses, dependent children, dependent parents, friends, and relatives of people staying in Australia. Many people hardly get a chance to meet their beloved ones and spend time with them in Australia. Getting a family visa is never an easy task for anyone because an individual needs to fulfill several requirements.

Permanent Residency: It is the most preferred and top category for which several people opt. In this category, several people fall like business owners, investors, new entrepreneurs, and many others. By getting PR one can enjoy all the rights and privileges of any Australian citizen. But getting this visa is the most difficult task for anyone.