Water pressure Car Wash


One of the most important parameters. It depends on him the speed of washing and quality. For a normal Car Pressure Washer With Soap process, 110 bars are enough. That is how many manufacturers, as a rule, indicate in the characteristics. Here again, you need to understand that if you wash cars without forced water supply, using a water intake, then the pressure will be less, in the region of 60 bar.

In such conditions, washing a conventional car will take about half an hour. At a pressure of 90-110 bars – 20-25 minutes. And with a pressure of 150-180 bar – only about 10 minutes. Of course, with higher pressure. The end result will be much better. But such pressure cannot be achieved from cheap sinks. Mini sinks with such characteristics belong to a high class and cost no less than 25,000 rubles. Although they have much more resources. So, when choosing. You should decide for what purposes you need a high-pressure apparatus. How often you are going to use it. And what is more important for you, time or money.


An important detail to pay attention to Drinking water raises questions. And even technical water which as a rule. Is taken from natural sources without any purification even more so. So it is better to immediately purchase a spare filter. And if you want to save money in the future, it is better to purchase devices with a reusable filter, without replaceable cartridges, they can simply be washed and used again. The filter plays an important role, because even small abrasive particles can disable the pump, the most expensive part of the mini sink, which we are talking about now.

Water pump

Perhaps the main detail About 70% of the cost of a budget device is just the cost of a pump. So in the event of its failure, the repair will cost a tidy sum. But you can play it safe by buying an apparatus with a metal pump (it is made of various materials: alloy steel, brass, bronze, aluminum) or, if there is no extra money, then at least purchase an apparatus with a plastic collapsible pump. In the event of a breakdown, you may not have to change it entirely as an assembly, but it will turn out to get by with little bloodshed.

When choosing, do not forget the saying that the miser pays twice. A metal pump is really the part for which it is better to overpay, because plastic ones are less durable in themselves, and in addition they are not friendly with hot water and are afraid of overheating. And far from all owners of inexpensive options manage to avoid it due to their low productivity and, as a result, long work. Although, in the event that a mini sink is bought exclusively for the household needs of a summer residence, in order to wash walls, windows or a garden path, it may not make sense to overpay.


As has been mentioned more than once, a sink, like any equipment, has a resource embedded in it. For household mini sinks that we are considering, it usually does not exceed 50-60 hours, with proper operation. If you want it to serve you as long as possible, you should not forget that not a single mini sink, neither expensive nor cheap, should work for more than half an hour without a break. So the presence of a total-stop (TS) system will not be superfluous. Such a function seems logical, but not all devices have it. In simple terms, when the gun is released, the water supply stops and the device turn off automatically.

High pressure car wash: What?  What for?

Additional functions include the ability of the device to independently take water from the barrel. Most modern sinks are designed for this, with the proviso that the depth of water intake should not exceed 1 meter. But still there are those who have water intake prohibited.

When buying, it will not be superfluous to pay attention not only to the number of nozzles included in the kit, but also to the assortment and the ability to purchase additional brushes, nozzles and sprayers. According to this indicator, Karcher is ahead of most manufacturers. For residents of small towns, the problem of after-sales service is no less relevant, since service centers are not located in all cities. The largest network is again with Karcher.

What to choose anyway?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to recommend one device for everyone. And the point is not even that everyone has different needs and financial capabilities, but that one manufacturer has many models that are very similar in price and characteristics, differing in details. In addition, as a rule, in stores, there is no complete range of models, but there are some representatives of the range of models of the same class of different price categories.

In general, we have already told you what you should pay attention to when choosing a mini pressure washer, but just in case, we will give a summary table with examples of sinks from different manufacturers.