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Ways to Care for Your Newly Replaced Windshield

The windshield is as delicate as it sounds therefore, it needs a great deal of protection whether you have installed a new one or even if it’s an old one. People even tend to protect them from scratches because the visibility decreases if your windshield is exposed to frequent rubbing with inadequate material. With all the care in the world, it can still be damaged and in most cases, it has to be replaced because it is mandatory for a car to have a good windshield before it reaches the roads. Otherwise, an accident can happen, hence a car windshield replacement is an important matter that you should tend to immediately. The following are a few protection tips that you might want to pay attention to when you get a replacement. 

Let the seal dry properly for a couple of hours

The seal has to be dried before you can take it care freely on the road. In the first couple of hours, the adhesive settles down and any sort of rush might displace the windshield and the defects might show up later if the seal is misplaced. This way you might end up damaging your newly installed windshield. However, you must do a survey for the best auto glass pricing before getting a replacement. 

Keep your car clear for the initial few days

When you just got a windshield replacement, then you have to care for it just like a baby. To ensure a hundred percent safety of your it is important you keep your car clear of stuff. Don’t put stuff inside that would be difficult to remove because moving out that stuff can displace the windshield. It is also important not to cover your car because it would touch the exterior of your windshield and since the adhesive isn’t settled it can stick with it.

Leave a window open while you drive

You’d receive this advice from the auto glass service that to ensure the protection of your newly installed windshield you should avoid taking your car for a ride because traveling creates pressure on the windshield. A part of adhesive settles down slowly, therefore you have to make sure that any sort of pressure doesn’t reach it. If you must go out, then to avoid excessive pressure in the cabin just by opening the side window a bit. This way all the excess pressure is nullified.

Keep it slow

The seal of the newly installed windshield is quite sensitive, therefore, it is highly important that you take it slow on your car and don’t cross the recommended speed limit by the installation company. It’s not that you can’t do, it’s is a precautionary measure because unnecessary pressure can dislocate the seal and it can be leaked and consequently you’ll be exposed to the noise or the rainwater. So, it is extremely important that you follow the instruction.

Let the retention tape stay for the recommended time

When the windshield is installed the installation company uses a retention tape, which is a strong adhesive to support the stability of the windshield. That’s why it is used between the car’s body and the glass. So, you might feel annoyed because of reduced visibility but try to bear it for the time being. Because it is there to protect your investment. So, make sure it stays intact because removing the tape itself would cause pressure on the windshield.

Don’t wash your car

When you just got a new installation, then avoid the car wash at all cost and if you want to take it for a spin in the stormy weather don’t do it. Because the sealant is still fresh and if it’s windy it will create irregular pressure on your glass and if it’s raining it can damage the seal as well because it’s not settled yet. If you just stick to the instructions given by the installation company, you can easily avoid a lot of damages.

Stay in contact with the technical support

When you just installed your windscreen you might have many things in mind that you think can damage your glass. Then, rather than making an assumption, which is very dangerous, you should talk to the installers to clarify the situation. If you think something is happening to your newly installed glass, then the best advice would come from technical support. So, keep their number on your phone till the probation time is over.

Taking care of a car’s windshield is important because it’s fragile and vulnerable when you just get a new installation. The seal is sensitive until it settles down and if the precautions are not taken you might experience issues later on. So, pay attention to the precautionary measure because your glass doesn’t have a warranty and the responsibility of the installation company is to hand it over to you in one piece, and then it’s all you. Keeping your car inside the garage for a couple of days would be a great idea as well. 


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