About The Moonstone

From the family of the feldspar group, the Moonstone jewelry is a unique variety of orthoclase. It is very famous for its adularescence effect, and the color can appear in a sizeable variety. This is because the layers build up within the stone during the formation allowing the light to glide across the layers of the gem, showing the signature effect. The blue, white, or multi-color Moonstone is the best variety of the Moonstone. Although they are also found in green, orange, pink, and gray hues, the most desired Moonstones are colorless, with blue adularescence.

The pale blue color Moonstone ring has a blue sheen, and it is nearly transparent and very desirable. The quality appearance and versatility make it a high collectible, exotic gemstone. Anyone could be attracted to the gorgeous pieces of the stone set into the sterling 925 silver. The rare and the phenomenal gems display the instances of chatoyancy or the star effect. Moreover, they possess four rays.

Shapes and Patterns

Commonly they are formed into the oval or the carved shape, and the shape of the stone reflects the qualities of the stone. These stones are rarely faceted, and they are easily incorporated into jewelry such as Moldavite earrings. However, as the stone is quite delicate in nature, it is essential to be careful while making the jewelry. Even after the process, when it is time to wear the jewelry, the wearer needs to care for the stone and protect it from scratching.

Where is The Moonstone Found?

Moonstone is the natural gem with no additional treatments ranging at 6.5 on the Mohs scale hardness. The best Moonstone comes from the Meetiyagoda, Sri Lanka, and Jharkhand, and Bihar in India. Moreover, they are found worldwide, including in the United States, Mexico, Australia, Germany, and Tanzania.

Moonstone as Gift

Moonstones are the wonderful anniversary gift to soulmates, as they are associated with the goddess Luna, and the stone became related to Luna’s domains of romance. They possess a strong association with the moon, and the Moonstone is also sometimes known as hectolitre. The mysterious softness of this stone will increase the love between the couple, making their bond and understanding better.

Moonstone is The Birthstone of June Babies.

The Moonstone is the birthstone for the people who are born in June, as Romans believed that Moonstone represents the rays of moonlight that become frozen. The curved lines, organic forms, and the softness of the stone are embraced. These moonstones have many exceptional benefits for everyone. Anyone can wear this stone, although the June-born babies will have unique benefits. This stone promotes calmness, confidence, harmony, and balance.

Keeping The Stone Clean and Safe

You can wear this stone daily, but you have to clean it every time you wear it. You can clean it with soft brushes, but it could get detoxified if dipped in water overnight. So, avoid washing with chemical solutions and try to keep the piece clean and dry.

The Place to Buy The Moonstone 

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