What Are the Modules in SAP SuccessFactors?


The SAP success factor is a perfect module of SAP that helps in managing the HR related work but before we understand the importance of success factor and the modules involved in it first let’s explore the need of the SAP process and also the success factor need in the organization today.

What is the Need of SAP SuccessFactors?

Today for any business the most important part is the employees working in it. But with the large processes and the growth in the organization’s work, it is hard for the organizations to find a perfect skilled professional. The skills related to recruitment, executing the business, and talent management are the recruitment main skills set that are needed. So, to handle such task to organizations are looking for the professional who can integrate the improved work process and automate the process for effective work process. So, if you are looking to learn and grow your career with the same advantage in your life you are on the correct page. To learn and grow you need to start learning the course from the SAP SuccessFactors Training in Noida as he training is the best way to start your learning and also will help you to gain the skills and automated techniques to manage the work process of the organization with the help of the success factor.

What is SAP and SuccessFactors?

The SAP is an ERP process and has many modules that assist in better deployment and the management of the work process in the organization. today SAP is used by many organizations and the SAP Success factor is considered to be the most opted course by HR professionals to upgrade their career. It helps in providing robust workforce planning and analytics with the new techniques to manage and assist with the HR solutions. The organizations use this module to have skilled professionals for the particular job for effective results.

Modules of the SAP SuccessFactors

Employee Central

This is a module that helps in providing complete control over the business execution and helps in providing HR solutions related to the comprehensive and integrated HR capabilities designed for the best.


This module helps the business leaders, HR professionals, and compensation managers to improve the accuracy in the budget along with reduced risks and transform the employee’s pay to the actual business results.

Performance and Goals

This module helps the manager to schedule and deploy the role of the employee activity by providing the organizational strategies and also will monitor the performance, with meaningful feedback and proper training.


This module helps in understanding the need of the learning needs of the employees. This will be helping to extract better performance and better results with great productivity in their work. With success factor, it is also possible to extend this learning to the clients and customers to drive better business performance.

Succession and Development

This module can be considered as the most important because it helps in analyzing the gaps by identifying the talent gaps and provide legitimate solutions to help provide the adequate steps to fulfill such needs.


Recruitment is the major step in HR as understanding the skills of the employees and selecting them for the organization needs a good approach. With the success factor, this process can be executed using the tools to manage this integral component of the organization.


This module Is automated, easy, and personal. It helps in improving retention and help in eliminating time by providing complete concentration over the people, process, and productivity.

Succession and Development

This module helps in providing complete insight into the organization’s needs and identify the gaps to provide complete insights with perfect solutions.

Reporting and Analytics

This module helps with providing the timely and best decisions for your workforce with updates, actionable and intelligent data to help in providing the need, and the perfect way to help the organization grow.

Well, all these modules are the perfect way through, you can develop the skills required by the organizations today and to perfectly grow your skills in it you need to enroll for the SAP SuccessFactors Training in Delhi. The training will help you to understand the course structure and explore the modules more closely with practical exposure to each.

For more information, simply enroll for the free live session provided by the trained professionals to understand the course structure and modules more closely before joining the training.