What are the most common ways to protect a smartphone from physical damage?


Smartphones have become such an integral part of our everyday life that we become hassled if we even misplace them for a few seconds. These mobile phones let you stay connected and organized at work, at home, and on the go. While smartphones are simply necessary to us, it also makes them prone to physical damage. Having to repair or replace a damaged smartphone can be expensive. Moreover, you run the risk of losing your data. So, it is a good idea to take a few precautions. Because nothing is more painful to see your phone getting scratched or worse a cracked screen. 

Better awareness can help you avoid most accidents, and common-sense protective measures can often minimize harm when they do occur. Here are some tips on how to protect your phone:

  • Use a Screen Protector

This one is the most important and the easiest way to protect your phone from most of the damage. At a slight drop or by mishandling or by mere carelessness, the screen is bound to crack or shatter. And a cracked or shattered display looks awful and may also malfunction. Although latest smartphones typically include scratch- and impact-resistant screens made from Gorilla Glass or something similar. It is much easier and cheaper to replace the screen protector than the phone’s built-in screen. Plus, many screen protectors include an oil-resistant coating to help reduce fingerprints and smudges. Simply put, the screen protector should be the first accessory you should buy for your phone.

  • Use a good quality case

Once again, the possibilities are endless as to how you can damage your phone. It is possible that you may time and again drop the phone and damage it. But this time around, apart from the display it could also damage other parts of your phone. Getting a good quality case can help protect your smartphone from these types of accidents. There are many different types of cases and levels of protection available to match your specific needs. For example, bumper cases protect the sides, where most impact occurs. Full cases enclose the entire phone and often include a screen protector. It is not necessary that you opt for an expensive branded case, even a good quality non branded one will suffice. This will inadvertently save you from unnecessary damage if you are a clumsy user. It will for sure save up a lot of costs in repair.

  • Water Damage: Keep Your Smartphone Dry

Now, this is one sure way to scour up your costs in repair. Smartphone manufacturers are increasingly offering water-resistant smartphones these days. But this means they can handle rain or a slight puddle of water occasionally. But what if you end up having serious water damage to your phone? It will surely rack up your repair costs or even become completely useless. Because water is an enemy to electronic devices. Try to keep your phone away from water or anything liquid. Do not take it to the bathroom or your kitchen. Even if you do, keep it away from water. 

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  • Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Extremely hot or cold temperatures, as you would expect, damage a smartphone. Avoid leaving your phone in excessive heat or cold for a prolonged period. Exposure to these extreme conditions can damage the battery and the handset’s internal components, which could result in shortened battery life, loss of data, or even the need to get a new mobile phone.

If your smartphone is exposed to extreme cold or heat, take it inside, and let it return to room temperature slowly. This is particularly important if the phone is cold since going from hot to cold too rapidly can make condensation build up inside the phone, which could cause water damage.

  • Get phone protection insurance service 

One of the best ways to protect your phone from damage is to buy a phone protection insurance service.

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