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What Makes Furniture So Expensive?

If you go to a furniture or browse online to buy furniture, you can observe wide range of products with huge price difference.

Then you may ask why a particular good is so expensive than other. Yes, the question is logical. Because everyone is not connoisseur of interior designing and furniture. But we are here to educate you about the fact that why a antique handicraft furniture is so expensive than other normal furniture.

To know more go through below mentioned factors.

Factors increase value of a furniture

Unique design-increase the value of originality

The cost of a furniture is depending on its design. Original design has high value. To create a unique design countless hour, need to spend. It is an extensive process of trial and error. If you want to buy an original or handcrafted piece, you need to spend more time and money.  The product will be well made and timeless in design.  When a design is made in small numbers, especially in case of high-end goods the value increases exponentially. Original design bears the cost of originality.

The quality of the material & construction

The quality of the material and construction procedure increase the total cost of a furniture. The price of the product varies widely.

High quality material increases the longevity of the furniture, and modern constructive method provide hardiness. When you buy a furniture, you may plan to use it for long run. Solid construction and pure material make the furniture eligible to tolerate all ups ad downs, sun and rain.

On the other hand, if you buy cheap furniture, you need to compromise with quality. The longevity and construction procedure will be poor.

Before purchasing any furniture know about the cheap furniture material including think Formica, the ilk, particle board, MDF, laminates, melamine, softwood. These materials are the sign of cheap furniture. Pure wooden furniture is more expensive and they are being made with solid construction method. Your bedroom and drawing room furniture should be made of high-quality material.

Overall finishing of the furniture

Overall finishing and polish are another important factor of cost. You need to consider this before buying a product. Finish or polish is one of the biggest terms when you want bring a furniture.  Expensive furniture covers with high-end varnish or polish. The depth of the colour will be noticeable.

Cheap furniture doesn’t have a better look and feel. You can differentiate an expensive handcraft furniture with a cheap furniture.


Sustainability is also a considerable point when you are planning to buy handcraft antique furniture for your home.  The cost of the sustainable furniture from reputed companies is always high because of hardwood they use. A responsible company use good quality hardwood for frames comes from responsibly organized forests, that provide reliable sustainability.


When you consider expenses of a good, you need to check the performance.  Cheap cost product offers cheap performance. You can’t expect longevity or guarantee.  If you spend money on expensive furniture, it will give youlife long service.  The value of the antique product never goes down. It continues to increase its value. On the other hand, when you buy a cheap good, you may save money for some instance, but spend way more on the rebuying due to lack of longevity and sustainability. So, keep your budget little high to get reliable, premium quality high performing goods.

Smaller market appeal

Consumer always run after an excusive product with limited stock. This is called the small market appeal.  Everyone wants to buy unique handcraft and antique furniture to decorate their home. Uniqueness increases the value of products. Small quantity makes a product more desirable. There will be no volume profit. Custom design and lack of availability in the market drastically increase its price. Because the product is attention grabbing and stand out in the field of common items.

Economy of scale

Some big companies can buy bulk amount of furniture at once due to their size and capital. Hence, they get discount over it up to 30% on the wholesale costs. Then the company sell each furniture at the labelled price without giving discount.  This is called the economy scale. And cost of a furniture is depending on above factor.  

Presently event furniture hire is common to arrange a office conference, party, or for hospitality. And if you arrange good quality furniture at your office meeting or house party along with elegant interior, that will be overwhelming for your guest. They also appreciate your choice and perfectness.

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