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Why Choose Vintage Wedding Jewellery?

If anyone will give you one chance to choose any one type of jewellery that will work well with your bridal dress, then it would have to be vintage.

Initially, let’s find out what exactly vintage style means. Vintage jewellery actually means pieces which are being designed after taking an inspiration from older time jewellery that’s at least 50 years old. Vintage is a pack which includes various styles like Victorian [flowers, heart, pearl], Art Nouveau [nature-inspired, metals, flowing curves], Art Deco [bold, studded geometric patterns], Retro [bold, big, snazzy], and Edwardian [lacy, bows, filingreed designs].

Vintage inspired jewellery is always perfect as wedding jewellery. Wedding ceremonies are an ancient as time institution where two beautiful souls commit to each other for the rest of their life in the presence of their family and friends. Vintage jewellery even has a beautiful, pure old world, and timeless charm that symbolically echoes the ‘ever forever’ spirit of marriage.

Another fact which we cannot deny is Vintage inspired jewellery looks feminine. Vintage designs are usually exquisite and ultra-feminine. For all the brides who wanted to look totally feminine and like a vision of amazingness, vintage inspired jewellery can do magic when added to the whole bridal look.

If you are confused about whether vintage inspired jewellery are actually vintage pieces are not. Well, this one is simple. There are usually two ways by which you can have genuine vintage jewellery. One is you buy it, second you inherit it.

If you buy genuine titanium rings , keep in mind that real titanium ring  masterpieces are  not expensive but are  affordable . If you are not worried about your budget, then go ahead and indulge yourself in selecting affordable . However, if like most of us, you have other priorities for your money, then you should buy vintage inspired jewellery at high  cost. Beauty of vintage at a price tag that’s may be in your pocket friendly rate!

Let’s look at the 2 nd scenario- If you have inherited vintage masterpieces in proper condition, you are very much lucky to be able to create your whole bridal ensemble. However, what if these masterpieces are showing signs of wear and tear? Lost gemstones, broken clasps, tarnished settings, scratches, etc can be a huge let down. But again if you have to make it everything repaired, nothing will be that same. 

Besides the designs of the vintage master pieces, the couple of things you need to take care for when buying vintage inspired jewellery are quality of the gemstones used on  moissanite rings  and the craftsmanship. The gemstones- Clear or coloured – should be unblemished and with beautiful shine and clarity. For Flawless craftsmanship – Thickness of design elements, fine settings for stones, uniform gold plating, delicate looking but sturdy linkages – is paramount for a jewellery piece to look elegant and classy.

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