Why I need professional agent for company formation services in London?

Company Formation

London is the hub of business and entrepreneurship opportunities. Entrepreneurs from all around the UK prefer to invest here. The formation of a company and its complicated formalities are the only difficulty fulfilling the dream. For this purpose, professional agents are working to assist the businessmen in assisting them in incorporating the company. They provide their services throughout the setting up stages of business from registration to commencement of business activities. Here are some pros of having an agent, which shows why a professional agent is important for the company’s formation process.

Maintenance of secrecy

These agents keep all of your company’s confidential information safe with them. They are bound under a written agreement not to disclose any of your information with anyone, especially when you hire them from a reputed accountancy firm. This the major concern of any business owner in the establishment of the business. How to maintain the secrecy of available financial resources and business policies till its legal formation? It is not easy to trust any informal buddy or anyone from inside the company in this matter.

Headache of Paperwork

When you hire an agent for company formation services in London, you relieve yourself from the headache of doing all the business’s hectic documentation. From the registration of business till its commencement, there are several formalities of filling forms and making documents like memorandum of association, article of association, and form IN01. All of this will be the responsibility of the agent afterward. Agents will manage all the procedural formalities and any objections by the Companies House.

Registration of address

Many startup entrepreneurs start their businesses from home. They do not want to share their home address as their business address. Many businesses exist on the papers but are not located physically. For the registration of company addresses of directors and the company office address is necessary for the correspondence. In this case, these agents provide the address services to the company.

Rapid turnaround and low budgeted

If the agent is experienced and working through a reputed firm, there is the possibility that he will incorporate the business within a day. These agents have more contacts in the Companies House. This the most important benefit of hiring them. It saves the time and cost of business owners. These agents keep the incorporation budget as low as they can. They have more negotiable power than a common businessman has. Agents charge around £12.99 for the fast formation process, and an accountant will do the same job in several hundred pounds. Agents have access to the software, and with the help of the software, they can easily submit formation documents electronically. This makes a huge difference in the cost of company incorporation. 

Preparation of Documents

The company forming process and legal specifications by Companies House include several documents by the applicant companies for registration as a business with the Companies House. Hired licensed accounting agents will provide you with documents such as the association memorandum, association article, capital holding statement, incorporation certificate, Partner and shareholder information, physical company address, and other details to complete the company’s registration process. The organization’s formation agents know how to deal with the authorities, and they provide you real and precise information.

Issuance of Shares

Many cheap company formation services providers are available in London, but the best one will serve more than the routine tasks. Once the company is registered and commence its business, the first step of a limited company is to issue the shares. Company issues shares to its shareholders or the general public. Many agents provide this service of issuance of shares as well.

Registration of Trademark

Trademark is another important thing in the incorporation process of the company. Trademark is considered as the identity of the company. People recognize the business in the market through its trademark. Registering a trademark is not an easy task in the process. Many companies will already have a similar registered trademark as yours. In this case, a settlement is needed with the business having the same trademark. All of these settlements are done by these agents. The agent knows all the steps and concerned authorities to register the company trademark.

So, from preparing documents to creating the company’s address and trademark, an agent plays a key role in registering a company in London. If you need similar services to incorporate your company, WeAccountax is a professional service provider, and we have agents working with us registered with Company House.