Why is Important to Adopt Sustainable Packaging?

Sustainable Packaging

With the increase in environmental concerns, sustainable packaging has become the need of time. Therefore, its demand is continuously increasing. According to research statistics, the worth of sustainable packaging will grow up to $244 in the next few years, thus becoming one of the biggest challenges for businesses. It’s why most packaging and printing companies are switching their operations to green practices. Eco-friendly boxes benefit not only the environment but also the businesses. It makes them save a lot of money by generating a large customer base. Although sustainable packaging may require some upfront investment, it’s worth the benefits. In this way, you can conserve natural resources for the upcoming generations. Here we are going to highlight some of the reasons why it is important to adopt sustainable packaging:

  • Benefits the Planet

The use of eco-friendly packaging is the best way to protect the planet. Sustainability is not only limit to big corporations; relatively small businesses also constitute 99% of the USA’s economic activity. According to EPA, packaging makes up one-third of household waste. Moreover, plastic pollution is a big environmental problem. Shifting your operations to eco-friendly practices can create a huge difference. It helps to reduce carbon footprints on the environment. The lifecycle of a packaging product passes through different stages, and a certain amount of carbon is release into the atmosphere at every phase. The use of brown Kraft boxes can help in reducing the overall impact. They are made from recycle material. As a result, heavy energy resources and carbon footprints are reduce. Moreover, natural Kraft packaging is non-toxic and free from allergens. They make it harmless for the manufacturer, consumer, and the environment.

  • Powerful Marketing Asset

Eco-friendly packaging is a strong selling point for your business. According to research conduct in 2019, 63% of shoppers prefer to buy from sustainable brands. The percentage increases to 74% for 18-29 years. Using eco-friendly custom cardboard boxes for product packaging makes your brand more desirable to the consumers. Green practices are the best way to deliver your branding message. It puts a positive impression on the customers that your brand cares about the environment.

  • Save Your Money

Most entrepreneurs cite cost as one of the biggest barriers to switching to sustainable packaging. The main reason plastic and polystyrene packaging are abundantly use are that are cheap to produce. As compare to it, the manufacturers found eco-friendly alternatives more expensive. No, it is not the case. The cost per unit can be higher for packaging made from paper or cardboard. But the manufacturers forget to consider that these cardboard boxes can be reuse and recycle effectively while plastic can’t. They save your cost in several ways:

  1. The sustainable packaging designs trim down the use of excess material and filler packaging.
  2. They reduce your shipping expenses by being lightweight and precise. So, more Kraft boxes can be ship in the same container.
  3. When you go for their recycling, these recycle boxes help businesses save tons of resources.
  • Versatile in Nature

Sustainable packaging is extremely versatile. It can repurpose on the individual and business level. Make it more acceptable than traditional packaging. When a company switches toward eco-friendly alternatives, this increases its creativity in design. The manufacturers can work on different styles of custom printed boxes and other sustainable packaging depending upon your requirement. Corrugated boxes are design for shipping purposes. Custom gift boxes are use on various occasions. Thus cardboard can undergo unlimite variation like sleeve packaging, gable boxes, beverage containers, food buckets, etc. This versatility of design and usage has made sustainable custom boxes one of the preferable choices.

  • Ease of Disposal

Another beneficial reason to adopt sustainable packaging is its easy disposal. The packaging material constitutes tons of trash, ending in landfills each year. The percentage increases every passing year. They increase the world’s pollution, making the situation more alarming. With the increase in environmental concerns, today’s consumers know what to do with their packaging. Eco-friendly boxes are easy to dispose of. They can even reuse several times after being thrown in the trash. When the customers get their products in printed packaging boxes made of recyclable material, they are motivate to play their part in the cause. They dispose of them in the recycling bin. The material is collect and taken to recycling units, where a new form of packaging is made. Even if the waste is thrown in landfills, it breaks down very quickly compare to its non-biodegradable counterparts.