Why is Sammy Your Best Bet for a Podiatry-specific EHR?

Why is Sammy Your Best Bet for a Podiatry-specific EHR?

For nearly 30 years, physicians have relied on Sammy EHR, a Podiatry-specific electronic health record software. It has the most up-to-date features to assist in increasing revenue and running operations as efficiently as feasible. Its online patient portal, automatic appointment verification, MIPS tracking, and reporting tool are vital features. 

The Sammy EHR Software is appropriate for small to medium-sized practices and aims to accelerate their workflow. The Sammy EHR Software is versatile, and the best part is that you can configure it to match your specific requirements. For example, SamNotes also have patient charting templates that you can customize. Furthermore, as Sammy EHR has a voice recognition option, you can narrate your notes, and the software will detect them. In addition to this, the EHR Software also keeps track of patient demographic information and updates it as needed. 

Significant Benefits of Using Sammy EHR Software 

Central Dashboard 

The dashboard, which gives you an outline of all your chores, is the first feature we’d like to discuss. You can log in and view all of the information on a dashboard that contains all relevant medical data. In addition, all data entered in the software is secure, thanks to HIPAA-compliant technology that protects patients’ privacy.  

You may also attach the reports and images to patient charts on the dashboard, enabling you to view and fax them to anyone who wants them.  

Cloud-based Interface 

Sammy EHR allows you to use the system from any location at any time because of its cloud-based accessibility. The only concern is that you have an active internet connection or any internet-connected device. As a result, web-based deployment reduces the need for you to purchase additional expensive hardware. In addition, patients with severe foot disorders can receive immediate care because there are no constraints on physical locations. 

Organized and Secure Data 

All medical records in Sammy EHR Software are kept in a centralized database. You can also link X-rays, MRIs, ultrasounds, and other images to patient charts. Moreover, you can directly store faxes to patients’ medical records using the fax tool. The user-friendly system shows which staff employees made modifications, giving users more control over the data they upload and update. 

Patient Portal for Patients Ease 

An interactive patient portal is also available via Sammy EHR to make the tasks of both practitioners and patients more manageable. Patients can perform a direct and active role in acquiring quality care by using the Sammy EHR portal. They can make appointments whenever it is convenient for them. Moreover, there are fewer risks of latecomers and no-shows because individuals choose the date and time of appointment themselves. 

Patients can fill out intake and check-in forms ahead of time, which reduces wait times before visits. Patients can also read their discharge summaries, check lab test results, connect with doctors, and obtain prescription refills using the portal. You can navigate through all these features during the Sammy EHR demo. 

Claims Management 

Denied claims harm a practice’s financial performance and overall revenue. You can expect a considerable reduction in claim rejections while using Sammy EHR Software. Any problems in claim entry are identified right away, so you may fix them promptly.  

The automated eligibility checker determines whether or not a patients’ insurance plan is active. It also confirms whether a plan’s coverage is sufficient to cover a specific treatment. Moreover, persistent and timely follow-up with patients and insurance companies ensures that you get paid on time. 

Rapid Clinical Charting 

You can record notes faster with Sammy EHR’s user-friendly features than you could manually. Templates with common foot disorders and treatments are also available, keeping the Podiatry-specific practice requirements in mind. Additionally, a voice recognition tool is available. The latter turns your speech into text, which is displayed on the screen. As a result, you can record patient charts while also treating patients simultaneously. 

With a simple click, you may repeat standard notes. Repetitive tasks are handled in a fraction of a second, substantially reducing inefficiencies. 

Clinical Decision Support 

Another advantage of the Sammy EHR Software is that it has clinical decision-making functionality. This tool evaluates data from EHR software and provides recommendations and notifications to aid you in adhering to factual clinical guidelines at the point of treatment. 

Sammy EHR Pricing 

The Sammy EHR pricing varies depending on various parameters, such as the number of providers and the functionality necessary for your practice. However, the Sammy EHR pricing starts at $349 per month per user. Thus, you can get a complete proposal on a pricing plan depending on your practice’s needs and the number of users you expect from the vendor. 

Sammy EHR Reviews 


  • The EHR Software is explicitly designed for Podiatrists’ needs. The templates, as well as the billing codes, adhere to podiatry emr specific language. 
  • The claims management tool is simple to use and has been shown to reduce denied claims. 
  • You can store photographs alongside pertinent patient files. This feature improves record-keeping and makes it easier for doctors to explain patients’ diagnoses. 


  • According to existing users, even though the templates are specialty-specific, there are fewer of them. As a result, more templates are required to cater to a broader range of ailments and therapies. 

Concluding Thought  

Overall, Sammy EHR Software gives your clinic the flexibility it needs to succeed, whether it’s raising payments, providing quality treatment, or just optimizing clinical and administrative processes. As a result, many medical practitioners, particularly Podiatrists, count on Sammy EHR Software to enhance patient care and experience, improve stakeholder communication, and strengthen their medical operations. 

Furthermore, we strongly advise you to read as many web-based Sammy EHR reviews as feasible to understand what users say about the software. Reviews help you explore the software from a current users’ perspective. Apart from that, we also recommend obtaining a Sammy EHR demo from the vendor to see if the solution fits your needs.