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Why it is beneficial to use the Rolling Shutter Doors for your Shop?

A roller door is basically a rolling shutter for the shops and homes security. This variant saves space, is relatively cheap and relatively easy to assemble. The rolled up shutter is hidden in a box under the ceiling, the rest of the ceiling can be used as storage space. As with roller shutters in front of the shop entrance doors, there are also different quality and equipment variants, on which the security of the door also depends. Rolling shutter doors can be protected well against burglary than other door types, some manufacturers also offer good security concepts for such doors.


  • Flexibility: The rolling shutters can be used in most installation situations and can also compensate for irregularities on the floor or the door opening
  • Depending on the manufacturer, door widths of five meters are possible
  • very little space required in the garage, no space required in front of the garage
  • Clearance height fully usable
  • possible with or without an electric drive

Installation of a roller shutter:

In contrast to sectional doors, installation is a little easier because no ceiling rails are required. With the leading rail, however, you have to work just as precisely so that the slats do not tilt. If the do-it-yourselfer has to measure and saw the components himself, the effort increases. Two people are usually required for installation. 

Rolling Aluminium Shutter offers the high resistance to thieves. They come in both automatic and manual models and both are safe and keep your shop protected. Burglar – resistant garage doors offer the best protection. The components used in the door prevent it from being broken open with simple lever tools such as screwdrivers, pliers or wedges for at least three minutes.

Automatically operated garage doors with an integrated door lock in the drive rail are particularly safe. This closes the gate and locks it at the same time. The automatic locking system should, however, work mechanically. This is the only way to ensure protection even in the event of a power failure. If you want to do without the automatic system on your shop door, you should look around for a snap lock: Here, a sturdy disc, which engages automatically, engages around a solid steel bolt.

In general, the following equipment features are important for an automatic rolling shutter operator:

  • Automatic switch-off that stops the door from closing as soon as it encounters an obstacle such as a person or a parked car.
  • Emergency release, which ensures that the door can be operated manually in the event of a power failure.

A simple door is difficult to convert to a burglar-resistant security standard. Therefore, builders should pay attention to burglary protection right from the start. Existing gates are best removed and replaced with Rolling Aluminium Shutter door.


Rolling shutter doors are often simpler and cheaper, but also less secure. This makes them suitable for cases in which the owner does not have the highest demands, for example for storage rooms in which no valuables are kept. In addition, more complicated installation situations can be coped with flexibly. They are considered as the best doors for thief protection and security.


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