Why would you Use High Impact Polystyrene?


High impact polystyrenes is similar to ABS, but it is cheaper than ABS plastic. You can find high impact polystyrene products in various industries, including food and automotive industry. There are various advantages of HIPS or high impact polystyrene, and some of them are stated below:

  • You can easily use HIPS in your moulding machine, and they are easy to fabricate
  • It is a good insulator, and it is completely FDA compliant
  • It is durable, flexible, and easy to process
  • You can easily paint this polymer according to your needs and use glue to assemble your products
  • HIPS are available at lower price and they are very economical
  • It is glossy and it has good impact resistance capacity

What is High Impact Polystyrene?

High Impact Polystyrene is known as HIPS. Basically, it is a rubber modified version of general polystyrene. The rubber inside these polymers can make them durable and you can use them as high impact-resistant polymer. Other plastics or thermoplastics can become soft and pliable when you heated, but you can apply the heat on HIPS to shape your products. They have high heat resistance capacity than other thermoplastics.

As you can find the rubber in high impact polystyrenes, you can use it for vacuum forming, and you can easily bend, cut and mould this polymer according to your needs. It is durable like ABS, and its properties do not weaken once re-moulded either. Apart from that, you can paint this polymer according to your preferences, which is very important for manufacturing industry.

Uses of This Impactful Polystyrene:

HIPS or high impact polystyrene can be used for different purposes. For example, you can use this polystyrene for making displays and signage. You need to make some advertising materials like point-of-sale displays, signage and promotional flyers with durable material, which looks glossy. You need to use them outdoors and you must choose a material which is weather resistant. In this case, you can use these for your displays and signage. They are weatherproof and impact resistant. So, you can use them anywhere according to your requirements.

Apart from that, you can use them for making automotive parts, plastic toys, food packaging boxes, bathroom cabinets and enclosures. It is true that you can make your bathroom furniture with HIPS because it is water resistant and you can easily paint it to decorate your bathroom.

HIPS or high impact polystyrenes are available in various sizes and you can find such sheets with different thickness. So, before you make your purchase, you need to decide the purpose. You can customise such high impact polystyrenes according to your needs and you can choose a dealer that offer bespoke services.

Features of High Impact Polystyrene:

Apart from the glossy finishes, durability and flexibility, high impact polystyrenes are also safe and hygienic. You can consider HIPS as food grade product and you can use them for your food industry. HIPS are recyclable and they are completely eco-friendly.

Normal plastic is harmful to our environment, and we should avoid using plastic in our daily life. Plastics are non-biodegradable, and they can contaminate water and soil. They can destroy the fertility rate of our land, and they can spread some germs and toxic components in our underground water. In this case, we should choose something safe for your planet and we can use them for this reason. 

This effective polystyrene can also protect your food products from germs. So, you can use them for your business and develop different products according to your needs.