Most online reviews of University of Phoenix emphasize how the University’s flexible class scheduling and work-relevant course content make career enhancement and earning a degree, diploma or certificate a reality for many people. However, in addition to these benefits, many reviewers have stressed the importance of having the infrastructure needed to support in-class or remote learning as well as the support networks, empathetic teachers, accessible counselors and guidance teams that work together to ensure student success.

One former University of Phoenix student who called herself a non-traditional student at the age of 50 said that she learned many things during her studies that were directly relevant to the work she did every day. She recommended the University to anyone looking to go back to school.

Other students talked about the benefits of the University’s approach to team projects. The value proposition of a University of Phoenix degree or certificate to many non-traditional students is that such students typically have to juggle work, educational and home or family priorities. University of Phoenix offers the flexibility to do the work needed to complete course and degree requirements at your own pace. Furthermore, with team members scattered across different time zones and with varying degrees of availability at different times, the challenge of completing a team project can help prepare students for the challenges of real-world projects and assignments where the stakes are higher.

One final reviewer said that her instructors were very knowledgeable and that she loved the way the program included up-to-date academic content helpful in her current role. Everything from student onboarding to enrollment is designed to ensure student success, and faculty members, guidance counselors and other support team members constantly provide students with helpful feedback to encourage them to think outside the box and to be trailblazers in their fields.

About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix understands the unique challenges that students and working adults face today.  Once you join University of Phoenix, you can learn what you need to learn – when you are able to learn it – and work toward the personal or professional goals that matter to you most. The University offers flexible class scheduling, course design and faculty availability as well as e-services, online resources and lifelong access to the University’s vast social and professional networks Digital marketing news 2021:

University of Phoenix offers associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees as well as a variety of certificate programs, all of which integrate theory with practice and are developed by instructors who are practitioners in their fields. Learn more about programs and offerings at

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